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    Brazilian Butt Lift in Pakistan, Karachi is a cosmetic surgery procedures for enhancing the buttocks is common  demanding procedure in the west. In many culture big bums are consider beautiful. There is a simple way to do that and patient can have two body part in shape, i.e. through harvesting the fat from the belly and transfer it to the buttock area. In this way a patient can get rid of her belly fat and her waist in shape and at the same time can have a beautiful buttocks. Brazilian Butt Lift at Aesthetic Shapes in Karachi, Pakistan is considered an ideal option for those individuals who have naturally small buttocks or have lost volume and shape because of significant weight loss.

    Ideal Candidate for Brazilian Butt Lift

    Buttock augmentation surgery may be an ideal option for you if:

    • Your weight is stable and you are committed to healthy lifestyle and diet regimen
    • You are non-smoker
    • Your butts are very small compared to your body frame
    • Your buttocks are too flat and they don’t have proper round shape
    • You have realistic expectations with the results of surgery
    • Natural aging process or significant weight loss have made your buttocks lose their shape and volume
    • You are physically healthy and you are not suffering from any severe health condition

    Buttock Augmentation Techniques In Karachi, Pakistan

    Butt augmentation surgery is also divided into two different types of procedures. These procedures are:

    • Buttock implant surgery: This procedure involves placement of implants in the buttocks to improve their volume and contour.
    • Brazilian butt lift surgery: It is the procedure in which fat is taken from some other area of body through liposuction and is injected in the buttocks.

    Pre-op Preparation For Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

    During the pre-op visit, Dr. Syed Arif Hussain will guide you about the procedure, conduct a physical exam and explain the options. He will also give you some pre-surgical instructions to follow. Some of the common instructions are:

    • Avoid smoking to promote better healing
    • Avoid taking aspirin, blood thinning and anti-inflammatory medications and herbal medications
    • Avoid caffeine and alcohol consumption
    • Make adjustments in your current medications and take prescribed medications regularly
    • Follow the recommended diet regimen

    Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery Procedure

    Butt lift surgery is performed on outpatient basis. They are explained below.

    • Firstly, anesthesia will be administered. It can be done under general as well as local anesthesia
    • Steps are simple after injecting tumescent in the belly or where ever that fat can be harvested
    • Start with some free tunneling, than suction of the fat with low pressure so we can not disturb the fat structure which is important for survival of the fat
    • If we are targeting the buttocks than around 1200cc of fat is required until proven other wise
    • The fat is collected in a sterile medela fluid management system, harvested fat is than collected in 60cc syringes.
    • Now injecting the fat is very important and care should be taken to inject in layers, which minimize the chance of fat necrosis.
    • The tulip system cannulas are used to inject the fat. After all is done a patient can have projected and firm buttocks instantly.

    Post-op Care

    Post-operative care is the key for quick and smooth recovery. Dr.Syed Arif Hussain will provide you with thorough list of post-surgical instructions. Some tips that are important to follow for every patient are:

    • Avoid any pressure on your buttocks and lie on your stomach for about two weeks till the healing occurs and it saves the shifting of the fat
    • Take complete bed rest for the first day but start walking the next day
    • Avoid sitting for longer period of time
    • Use the prescriptions drugs as per advise of the doctor
    • Patient can leave home the same day and resume her daily routine at home
    • Avoid driving for three weeks

    Brazilian Butt Lift Benefits

    Brazilian lift is quite a demanding procedure and you can have a trim belly and augmented butt at the same time. The procedure is very effective and beneficial, some of the benefits of surgery are:

    • It makes your buttocks area shapelier and rounder
    • It also improves the curves of your waist and thighs.
    • It improves your silhouette and makes your body curvaceous.
    • Brazilian buttock lift uses your own body fat and therefore, there is no risk of any infection.
    • It requires less time for recovery and causes less discomfort and scarring.
    • Liposuction from surrounding areas improves your figure.
    • It boosts your confidence and improves quality of your life.

    Recovery Time Of Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

    Recovery period after the surgery is different for every patient depending on the type and extent of procedure. Your recovery from Brazilian butt lift can be like:

    • For the first 24 hours after surgery, you will be instructed to remain in bed but move your hands and feet to improve blood circulation.
    • Swelling and bruising will take several days to a few weeks to resolve completely
    • You will be able to return to your work after about two weeks

    Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery Results

    You will see the results of surgery right away but final results will become visible after the swelling subsides completely. However, in case of Brazilian buttock lift, some amount of fat will be absorbed by the body.

    How Long Do The Fat Injections Last?

    If the fat is harvested, processed, and injected correctly, the result should be long lasting. The procedure should not require touch ups or a second round of fat injections. The Brazilian butt lift result is highly dependent upon the experience of the surgeon. Surgeons who are not using correct purification or injection methods will not obtain long lasting results. Be sure that your surgeon is experienced in this procedure!

    The Brazilian butt lift method results in the most natural and sensual look for the buttock area. You not only get a shapelier buttock, but the area liposuctioned is now much leaner, giving your profile a more sensuous look. The combination of liposuction and fat injections produces the most attractive and natural profile.

    Virtual Consultation With Dr. Syed Arif Hussain

    If you are looking for a treatment to improve appearance of your buttocks, Brazilian butt lift at Aesthetic Shapes Karachi, Pakistan is considered the best option. To discover more about the Brazilian butt lift in Karachi, Pakistan, you can get an online consultation by contacting us to discuss your individual needs so that we can answer any additional questions you may have about the Brazilian butt lift.

    You may also schedule a Virtual Consult with Dr. Syed Arif Hussain, which is conducted either by phone or by Skype. You’ll need to send photographs of yourself and tell us about your general health history. He will review the photos and discuss the surgery with you to help determine if you’re a good candidate for the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure. The phone consult does not substitute for the regular consult, but it will pre-qualify you for the surgery, which is especially helpful for our out-of-town patients.

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