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Breast Lift Treatment In Pakistan Breast Lift Treatment In Pakistan 

Your breasts are worth the care like any other body part. They symbolize female beauty and youth. Every woman wishes to have perky breasts. But sadly, in Pakistani society, it can be quite difficult to even talk about it. Breasts are considered taboo, and many women feel embarrassed to discuss anything about it. This is […]

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Top Questions Asked About Liposuction In Pakistan

In this advancing world of today, who is not aware of liposuction? Whenever we hear about weight reduction through cosmetic surgery, the first procedure to cross our minds is liposuction. In this procedure, there occur emulsification and then sucking out of excess fat from the body. How Much Fat Can I Lose With Liposuction? On […]


Tummy Tuck In Pakistan – What To Consider Before Attending The Doctor

A few years back here in Pakistan, getting cosmetic surgery done was a taboo. It was considered as something only for actors or celebrities. In fact, they were also criticized for choosing plastic surgery as a means to enhance their beauty. But with time and more awareness, people have now begun to see its benefits […]


Gynecomastia In Pakistan- Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Gynecomastia refers to breast tissue enlargement in males. You might have seen boys or men with a female like developed breasts. Most of the time, such people are bullied and become a laughing stock among peers. This should be highly discouraged because breast enlargement in men can be because of some severe illness. And, such […]


How To Get A Lifted Butt?

How often do you sweat out at the gym to fulfill your dream of a big round bottom? Have you spent days and nights doing squats and lunges? Still, you are thriving for the booty of your dreams? Why haven’t you yet considered cosmetic surgery? A few years back cosmetic surgery was a taboo and […]


I Have Sagging Jowls- How To Get Rid Of Them?

Many people come to us with this question that I have sagging jowls. How can I get rid of them? If you are also worried, first of all, you need to know that it is a common condition and almost everyone gets it with age. Sooner or later as you age, the skin below your […]


The Top 5 Myths About Gynecomastia – Busted!

Breasts are a symbol of feminine beauty. While women will do anything to get rounder and fuller breasts, having them can be embarrassing for men. They are quite often targeted by bullies and are laughed upon. Have you ever heard of gynecomastia? No? You are wrong! It is a very common condition many of you […]


High Definition Liposuction – What Can We Achieve?

Are you fed up with your weight gain issues? Do you also want an attractive appearance such as the actors on magazine covers which you drool upon? Have you ever thought of getting plastic surgery done? Well yes, plastic surgery today is not only limited to celebrities. Interestingly, common people are going for cosmetic surgeries […]


Will My Breasts Feel Natural After Breast Augmentation?

Every woman has a different breast shape and size. In fact, you’ll be surprised to know that both breasts are not the same. More interestingly, one of your breasts can be larger or heavier than the other. Moreover, one can be firm while others might droop. This variation in texture and softness is individualized and […]

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Can Liposuction Eliminate Cellulite?

Have you ever noticed that dimpling skin under your thighs? Why is it appearing even when you are in your twenties? Well, it is not just skin dimpling but something deeper! This condition is commonly known as cellulite. What Is Cellulite? Cellulite is that dimpled skin mostly occurring in the thigh region. Moreover, it can […]

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