How to Treat Gynecomastia?

Do you also desire a perfect slim smart body? Is your diet and exercise schedule on track? Still, the stubborn fat stuck to your breasts?In fact, regardless of gender, we all want to have a desirable body, don’t we? Gynecomastia, or simply put overdeveloped breast tissue in males, is a very common condition. Are you […]

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Will Brazilian Butt Lift Really Give You A Bigger Booty Of Your Dreams?

Every person owns a right to look perfectly beautiful.And, females are in particular more conscious and concerned about having a perfect figure. Right ladies? Have you been sweating for hours in the gym? Also avoided your most favorite guilty treats for ages now? But still, you see no visible results and looking for a quicker […]

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How Painful Is Facelift Surgery?

Mirror mirror on the wall… who has the prettiest face of all?? Oh, does this sound familiar? Is this what you ask your mirror daily? Undoubtedly who does not do this? Because we all want to have the prettiest face, don’t we? Unfortunately, we have no magic potion, which can stop the aging process. We […]

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Introducing Lipo 360 with the Tummy Tuck in Pakistan

Every woman dreams of having an attractive body similarly, every man desires a six-pack. But what if you are facing issues in achieving your weight goals? What if exercise and diet are not helping? In the modern age, getting a physique of your dreams is a matter of a few hours. Wondering how? Well cosmetic […]

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How Long Does A Breast Lift Last?

Aging is an inevitable reality. In fact for women it may come earlier. Pregnancies, breastfeeding, menopause are some natural processes that a female goes through that will age you faster. You, like every other woman, will want to freeze time and preserve your youth and beauty for as long as you can. For the fulfilment […]

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How Long Does a Brazilian Butt Lift Last?

Women undergo many body changes throughout their lifetime since puberty, pregnancies, and menopause can bring drastic changes to their body shapes. Most of you will experience fine lines, sagging breasts, and butt too getting rid of which isn’t a piece of cake. We’ve all been there! Looking for a way to slow down this aging […]

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Is Liposuction Safe For Patients With Hypertension?

Being overweight is highly depressing as it makes you a laughing stock among people, and you become a target of continuous body shamming. Over and above that, it possesses great health risks too. High amounts of fat in the body can put you at risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, hormonal imbalance, etc. […]

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Do You Need A Tummy Tuck After Liposuction?

Who doesn’t want to flaunt a flat stomach in a fitted suit or crop top? Everyone obviously! But that doesn’t look so easy to get rid of all those layers of flab and stretched skin. Even after losing inches around waist, if you in no-win situation to have your dream figure, then definitely you are […]

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Are those enlarged breasts stopping you to go outside and live to the fullest? In fact, being a male, having enlarged breasts i.e., gynecomastiais certainly a sheer embarrassment. Want to know why does it happen? What if it reoccurs even after undergoing a treatment? Scroll down to know more about it: What is GYNECOMASTIA? In […]

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What Happens To My Belly Button After A Tummy Tuck?

We all want to be in shape, get flattened and toned midsection, and have those to-die-for abdominal contours. Don’t we? So, in order to achieve this goal of becoming fab from flab, we try to put all our efforts. Such as curbing those midnight cravings and sometimes even starving ourselves. In addition to this, hitting […]

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