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    Organic Breast Lift in Pakistan, Karachi, yes it sounds different but it is real and is done by some very experienced breast surgeons in Karachi, Pakistan. By organic you mean natural products. Organic Breast Lift or augmentation is a new emerging procedure in the field of cosmetic surgery. By using your own body fat to enhance your breast size you can have a more organic treatment that feels and looks more natural than traditional breast augmentation procedures and in less time period with no scar and stitches.

    In this procedure, fat is taken out from one part of the body and transferred it to the Breast. In this way we are killing two birds with one stone, have a slim trim body through liposuction and at the same time extra fat is harvested where it is essentially required. The plus point of this technique is that you can have liposuction and breast augmentation done at the same time.

    Breast Lift Surgery Procedure

    Procedure is simple; first we will remove fat from other areas of the body. The fat is taken out by medela fat transfer system with low pressure vacuum and suction. In this way the fat structure is not destroyed and we have enough blood supply for the survival of fat. Now we fill the canister with fat, depending upon the requirement, then drain all the saline from the bottom tube to get pure fat. The fat can be harvested from any part of the body or the desired area where we need a liposuction. Once the fat has been collected, it is harvested and sterilized before being reinserted into the body.

    After harvesting procedure comes the transfer step. The whole procedure is done in an aseptic manner and with a close technique so that the exposure of the fat in the atmosphere is minimum to prevent infections.

    Now we transfer the fat into the breast areas with 30cc syringes or even with 5cc depending on the amount to be injected. We have special gauge cannulas for that. Small tunnels are made while injecting the fat so the fat should have enough blood supply to survive and prevent fat necrosis.

    Candidates for Organic Breast Lift Surgery

    • Women seeking increase in their breast size
    • Women who require firmness and projection in their breasts
    • For women with ptotic breast
    • For women whose breasts have become loose after breast feeding

    Breast Lift Surgery Recovery Time

    Recovery time is fast. After the procedure patient can feel mild pain for a day. She can resume her daily activities the next day.

    Post-Operative Care

    • You are advised not to lie on your belly for one week
    • Only sideways sleeping is advised
    • No fuming for 3 weeks at least
    • Normal house hold work is allowed the next day
    • Sports bra is recommended to wear after the procedure for six weeks


    • Infections are rare
    • Fat necrosis happens in some case but it subsides in a months’ time
    • Cysts can form but it usually takes a month to disappear, if not then small excision is made to remove it

    Organic breast lift in Pakistan, Karachi is a new and easy way to enhance the breast beauty. This is a great way to remove stubborn fat deposits from elsewhere in the body in conjunction with your natural breast augmentation procedure. Liposuction of belly and increase the size of breast, which I believe is icing on the cake.

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