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Dr Arif Hussain is the best plastic surgeon in Karachi, Pakistan. He is the only member of Canadian Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (CSAPS) in Pakistan. He is also member of Pakistan Association of Plastic Surgeons (PAPS). After completing his masters in plastic & cosmetic surgery Dr Arif Hussain did his fellowship in Aesthetic surgery from Toronto. He is working with leading Plastic Surgeons in Toronto! Dr Arif Hussain has been performing Plastic & Cosmetic surgeries in Karachi, Pakistan for more than 15 years. He does very latest tech daycare cosmetic & plastic surgeries with quick recovery and solid results. He comes from Toronto and performs the procedures. Dr Arif Hussain Specializes in Liposuction, Tummy Tuck, Breast Augmentation, Breast Implants, Breast Lift, Breast Reduction, Gynecomastia, Facelift, Brazilian Butt Lift and Fat Transfer/Grafting. He offers Online Consultation on Whatsapp! Dr Arif Hussain is the CEO of Aesthetic Shapes which is a private Cosmetic and plastic surgery Clinic in Karachi, Pakistan. In only matter of 15 plus years, it has made its mark of excellence in Liposuction - Lipo Selection, SAFELipo, tummy tuck & Body Contouring Procedures, Hair Transplant Surgery, Breast Surgery and Skin Care. The Clinic is well equipped with most modern clinical setup to perform cosmetic surgical and aesthetic procedures.


Fatima HussainFatima Hussain
13:16 03 Sep 22
Writing this review to express how amazing my experience was with Dr. Arif Hussain. I'm so happy with my procedure. I feel great. I would highly recommend him. Dr. Arif is the best plastic surgeon in Pakistan. He is so talented. Dr. Ambreen is very nice and caring. His staff is so friendly and easy to talk. Thank you so much Dr. Arif for not only being an amazing surgeon, but for truly caring about your patients.
Sana KhanSana Khan
08:05 23 Jul 22
I am so happy that I chose Dr arif hessian for my tummy tuck and lip 360 surgery. I came to know him through Google Search and after speaking to his manager Dr ambreen who thoroughly guided me quite a alot about tummy tuck as I have to travel from another country (Canada) So after having detailed online information, I then went on to see the best Plastic Surgeon for my tummy tuck in Pakistan KarachiDr arif Hussain. During the consultation I have to admit that he is a very honest person , he guided and make me aware of each and every aspect of surgery. Then we moved to book the surgery. I had a big extended loose skin due to weight lost that I wanted him to settle. After 2 weeks of my surgery when he removed my stiches there was mild swelling and bruising on my belly button which was normal as explained . I'm extremely happy with the new shape of my belly and my results literally exceeded my expectations. Thank you Dr arif Hussain .I will surely come back for my other parts to you 🙃thank youSana
Wasim NasirWasim Nasir
13:15 15 Apr 22
I had my Gynecomastia surgery done with Dr. Arif Hussain. I was visiting Karachi for a few day and whilst randomly googling came across Dr Arif Hussain’s website. Initially, I was quite skeptical about the whole procedure from reading feedbacks and reviews of other people and their disappointing experiences. I usually don’t give reviews, BUT, after my surgery and the unexpected amazing results I couldn’t resist myself to put a review for Dr Arif Hussain and his team. From the time of booking the appointment with Dr Ambreen (Dr Hussain’s colleague) and until my surgery, and post surgery the services I received from the whole team (Dr Arif Hussain, Dr Ambreen and Sohail) was exceptionally remarkable, not for a moment I felt that they mishandled my case, the surgery was a great experience and a learning curve. It felt more like a chatting session with the doctor instead of painful fat extraction procedure. I highly recommend Dr Arif Hussain and his team for the commendable services they provide.
Bisma ArifBisma Arif
08:27 27 Mar 22
Literally the best experience ever! Dr. Arif Hussain, Dr. Ambreen and the rest of the team were incredibly cooperative and professional during the entire course from initial appointments to the later follow ups for my liposuction procedures. I feel like a much different and improved person physically all thanks to the efforts and wonderful work done by Dr. Arif and his team. 11/10 would recommend! 🧡 🧡 🧡
Immad QamarImmad Qamar
08:16 10 Mar 22
I've had the most incredible experience with Dr. Arif Hussain. I'd been suffering from gynecomastia since adolescence and saw no end in sight. After having gone through living with such an awful condition for more than 20 years I finally got the courage of finding a doctor and as luck would have I landed in the clinic of Pakistan's No. 1 plastic surgeon. From the very first consultation it took me no more than a heartbeat to decide that I would be getting this procedure from Dr. Arif Hussain because of his highly sophisticated professionalism and a vast ocean's worth of experience. My surgery took no longer than 40 minutes and in spite of it being an invasive procedure I was wake the entire time as the surgery took place in local anesthesia, this being offered only by Dr. Arif Hussain due to his advanced equipment and ultra modern surgical technic. the 6th day after my surgery I was back at work and driving and 4 weeks into it I was hitting the gym. Dr. Arif Hussain is quite literally changed my life and given me new lease on life. I cannnot be gratefull enough to him. He is highly recommended for any and all elective procedures.

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Gynaecomatia was a night mare for me. I had tried everything, the pills cardio exercises but nothing worked so I decided to go for surgery and then I searched for surgeon to get rid of this problem and came across Dr. Arif Hussain. I went to him for checkup. After two hour surgery I found that I have no longer this problem and now I can wear fitted cloth west without any hesitation

Adeel +92-344-2108399

Dr. Arif Hussain has changed my life. He has many years of experience and had all the credentials I was looking for. After I got done with my surgery I took off my garment and saw my chest was flattened from the front and side and giving me the best results. Literally I had a brand new body. I would like to show my gratitude to Mr Dr.Arif Hussain for doing a great job. I highly recommend all those who wants the best results. Dr. Arif Hussain is the best choice

Zain Shaikh +92-324-2940181

I had gynecomastia since the age of 15. One night I was going through the success stories and I came across one from Pakistan Dr named Syed Arif Hussain. I called at Dr Arif's clinic, as Dr. was in Canada so they fixed a skype session for me. After examining, Dr. Arif told me it’s a true gynecomastia and it can be fixed in one hour surgery. Overall best investment, this surgery has been the greatest thing that has ever happened in my life. I am glad Alhamd-o-lillah I found the right doctor otherwise things might have gone worst

Naeem Khalid

I was looking for an expert cosmetic surgeon in Pakistan and fortunately came across Dr.Arif Hussain. After having few skype sessions with Dr. Arif he assured me for best cosmetic results. Despite of living and working abroad (UAE) I managed to take off days out of my busy schedule and went to Pakistan (Karachi) for gynaecomastia surgery. The results were remarkable.If you have any queries related to gynaecomatia surgery and recovery period feel free to contact me 00971-55-7885028

Shabbar 00971-55-7885028

The gynaecomastia surgery has made my life more comfortable. I read about Dr Arif from a website. After contacting him through Skype and taking complete surety of the treatment, I went on with the surgery. I returned home the same day, and was almost pain free by the end of it. For those who are indecisive or anxious about the procedure, I highly recommend going through with it, and my very positive experience should be a testament to how capable Dr Arif is as a surgeon.

Asad +92-336-236 4944