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Body contouring or a cosmetic surgery.. a booming industry!!

You can’t snatch the liberty to look good from any one, and specially from those who want it badly. Taking every measure both invasive and non invasive just to hear from others mouth, hi! You look slim, you look so young.


Women should go for FUE Hair Transplant.

Hair loss is always a problem for men and women. As hair on the scalp for men gives them a personality for women it’s a sign of beauty. Thick long and bright hair is always what women wanted.



Pakistan is considered a third world country, but! What a country which has the world best Doctors, ability to perform in every circumstances and always eager to learn and adopt latest techniques in very less period of time.


Wonders of FUE Hair Transplant or the credit goes to Plastic Surgery

No wonder!  Plastic Surgery has done wonders in beauty industry, though Plastic Surgery is 85 percent reconstructive and 15 percent deals with Aesthetics. Among the 15 percent there is a procedure name Hair Transplant which is now a days is a booming cosmetic procedure globally.


Latest FUE Hair Transplant By Dr Arif Hussain

Hair transplant has become very famous and the most acquired Aesthetic procedure worldwide, which helps men regaining their hair back and their confidence. As it is becoming the most wanted procedure, that adapting latest and latest techniques and the instrumentation has became advance. FUE Hair Transplant is the latest and fast recovery procedure which does […]


FUE Hair Transplant By Dr Arif Hussain

FUE Hair Transplant By Dr Arif Hussain – Part 1 Dr Arif Hussain doing FUE Hair Transplant procedure without stitching and scar. It’s a fast recovery process and you can pick the good hair follicle of your choice.


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