Month: September 2012

Bring His Smile Back – Cleft Lip

Image 1 & 2 are the pre operative pic of and little boy having birth defect of upper lip called cleft lip, image 3 is the post operative.


A Patient Came for Chest Liposuction Gynecomastia

  First two images are the pre operated pictures of chest liposuction gynecomastia.  Last two pictures are the post operated pictures of the same guy. Mr xyz  came to me and complain that he is not able to do swimming and can’t take off his shirt in front of his friends as he feel ashamed. I […]


Cleft Lip

Images 1 till 5 are the pictures of pre and post opertive cleft lip which is a congenitial birth deformity and a very challenging job for a Plastic Surgeon both genders are effected and cleft lip left sided unilateral is more common. As people tend to look at your face when they address and lips are […]


Pre and Post Operative Fillers

Above images are the pre and post operative fillers picture called filling or giving volume to nasiolabial folds to decrease the sigin of aging this filler can be use at different location over the face like to rejuvenate it and gives your face a younger and beautiful look. Mostly i cater my clients who are working […]


Plastic Cosmetic Surgery

In recent years, plastic cosmetic surgery has surged in popularity, emerging as a beacon of modern medical advancements that promise individuals the opportunity to enhance their appearance and, by extension, their self-esteem. However, this transformative branch of medicine has complexities and demands a nuanced understanding from those considering its benefits. From evaluating the risks to […]


Cosmetic Surgeon