Month: December 2012

Latest FUE Hair Transplant By Dr Arif Hussain

Hair transplant has become very famous and the most acquired Aesthetic procedure worldwide, which helps men regaining their hair back and their confidence. As it is becoming the most wanted procedure, that adapting latest and latest techniques and the instrumentation has became advance. FUE Hair Transplant is the latest and fast recovery procedure which does […]


FUE Hair Transplant By Dr Arif Hussain

FUE Hair Transplant By Dr Arif Hussain – Part 1 Dr Arif Hussain doing FUE Hair Transplant procedure without stitching and scar. It’s a fast recovery process and you can pick the good hair follicle of your choice.


Open Rhinoplasty for Cleft Lip Nose

Introduction:  Congenital disabilities can profoundly impact an individual’s life, shaping their self-esteem and confidence. One such defect, cleft lip nose, affects the physical appearance and influences how a person perceives. In countries like Pakistan, cleft lip is a common congenital condition that often leaves individuals with a noticeable nose defect, further impacting their self-image. The […]



Understanding Liposuction Liposuction is a popular cosmetic surgery to remove excess fat from specific body areas. This technique is particularly effective for eliminating fat deposits resistant to diet and exercise, such as in the tummy, buttocks, and thighs. Women often seek liposuction for areas like the thighs (riding breeches) and buttocks (frank tissue deposition), while men […]


Tummy tuck with liposuction

Tummy tuck by its name makes apparent something cutting and suturing together, and Liposuction means only sucking the fat out. Multiple question arises in lot of clients  mind worldwide who likes to avail Cosmetic and Body Contouring procedures, can these two procedures done simultaneously if we are targeting the person’s belly. Tummy tuck procedure is […]


Tucks & Lifts

Am I a right person for tucks & lift? This question arises in every person mind who wants to get their figure in shape or who wants to drag their age back. After long period of thinking and consulting some of their close friends who once in a life time came under the knife of […]


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