Month: August 2022

5 Surprising Truths About the Male Facelift

A facelift is a popular anti-aging cosmetic procedure. We see many celebrities and famous personalities adopting it to hide signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines, or sagging skin. Recently, we have seen it getting popular among ordinary men and women. Yes, you got it right; men are also opting for a facelift. But Have […]


How To Convince Your Husband To Support Your Mommy Makeover?

Mommy makeover is a combination of multiple surgical procedures, all aiming to transform your current figure into one you had before pregnancy. Undoubtedly, it’s normal to get insecure regarding your body. And, we also know that putting your family before yourself also becomes tiring after some time. Therefore, if you are feeling the blues and […]


How Much Does A Tummy Tuck Cost?

Plastic surgery is the only solution for the loose, stubborn, and sagging skin on your abdomen. A board-certified surgeon performs a tummy tuck in Karachi, Pakistan to sculpt and define your body shape. Know that it’s not a complicated procedure; you can combine it with other techniques as well. You will get to know tummy […]


5 Things I Wish I Knew Before My Tummy Tuck

Fat pockets of the stomach area are the most persistent. Therefore, that area becomes the most frustrating part of the body. Bear in mind that your daily workouts and strict diet regime become ineffective in these areas. So how to tone your belly pooch? That’s simple, just by getting a tummy tuck in Karachi, Pakistan. […]


Revealing All The Details Of Latest Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is commonly known as a “boob job”. In fact, Breast augmentation surgery in Karachi, Pakistan and worldwide too has gained popularity and fame among women of all age groups. In this procedure, the surgeon shapes and contours the breasts. This aims to give you an hourglass figure. Gone were the days when everybody […]


5 Things Not To Do After A Nose Job

  Rhinoplasty in Karachi, Pakistan is a surgical cosmetic procedure that aims to alter the proportions, shape, or size of your nose. This renowned procedure allows you to achieve your cosmetic or functional goals. Moreover, you can hope to achieve dramatic and positive results with a properly planned nose job. If you are planning to […]


5 Myths About Liposuction

Liposuction in Karachi, Pakistan is one of the most common and highly in-demand cosmetic procedures. Many celebrities have gotten it and therefore, it has gained a lot of fame all across the globe. In fact, it is a common solution for stubborn fat deposits that don’t seem to melt easily. Adding more to this, it […]


3 Signs You’re A Good Candidate For A Facelift—And 3 Signs You’re Not

It’s not unusual to fear yourself getting older. No doubt, your wisdom and maturity level increase with time, but it also starts showing on your face. But science has proved once again that there’s a solution for everything. Over the years, there’s been a lot of development in the field of cosmetic procedures. As a […]


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