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Injectable Fillers : types , benefits , risks involved

Cosmetic surgery procedures have brought great revolutions in medical science. With this, we have been able to treat people aesthetically. We have healed people from traumas, injuries, emotional breakdowns, low self-esteem, and made them love their bodies. Most wonderfully, we have battled and won against aging. However, it is scary for some of us to […]


Types of Wrinkle Fillers, Uses, Side Effects, Benefits, Risks …

Waking up one fine morning just to see wrinkles appearing on my face is my biggest nightmare. Once the very first wrinkle appears, it is assumed that you are now heading towards old age. And trust me, it is not a good feeling at all. Thankfully today, with modern advancement in cosmetic procedures, we can […]


Pre and Post Operative Fillers

Above images are the pre and post operative fillers picture called filling or giving volume to nasiolabial folds to decrease the sigin of aging this filler can be use at different location over the face like to rejuvenate it and gives your face a younger and beautiful look. Mostly i cater my clients who are working […]


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