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How To Convince Your Husband To Support Your Mommy Makeover?

Mommy makeover is a combination of multiple surgical procedures, all aiming to transform your current figure into one you had before pregnancy. Undoubtedly, it’s normal to get insecure regarding your body. And, we also know that putting your family before yourself also becomes tiring after some time. Therefore, if you are feeling the blues and […]


Mommy Makeover – Is It Really A One-Day Procedure?

Being a mom is the toughest job. The joy of motherhood comes with 24/7 working hours. It can, sometimes, exhaust you physically and emotionally. Adding to this, exertion can be the stress of your damaged physical appearance after the birth of your child. In the first place, you are not getting any time to look […]


Why Moms Should Get A Mommy Makeover After Losing Their Weight?

Motherhood comes with lots of changes. The first and the harshest of all is how pregnancy and childbirth affect your body. Many of such drastic changes become the main cause of postpartum depression. But you don’t need to be one of those women. Luckily, advancement in science and technology has made it possible for us […]


Plus Size Mommy Makeover- Am I, Candidate, For The Procedure? Removing Undesirable Effects Of Pregnancy

Who doesn’t love kids? Of course, everyone does. Every woman wants to become a mommy and it’s a natural desire. But do you desire a plus-size body too? Of course, not! Haima, a 36 years old woman, tells how she was tired of looking shapeless and overweight so, she had to opt for a plus-size […]


Mommy Makeover – Revert To Your Pre-Pregnancy Body

Pregnancy not only changes your life and routine but also your body. No doubt, it is a milestone in life, but it occupies so much of your life that you hardly have any time to take notice of yourself. And, when you do, you hardly recognize yourself. The body has sagged, starting to wobble and […]


Bring The New Change In You With A Mommy Makeover Aka Mamacita Makeover

Bring The New Change In You With A Mommy Makeover Aka Mamacita Makeover God has put in some of His best work in creating women. Their body is so amazing and we can witness such transformation from when she becomes pregnant. From the beginning till the end, every expecting mother goes through a lot.  Pregnancy […]



Contents Mommy Makeover Need of Hour for Cosmetic Reasons.  TUMMY TUCK Tummy Tuck Surgery Limitations Conditions for the Procedure Who is Eligible for the Procedure What is the Best Time for the Tummy Tuck Techniques of The Tummy Tuck Standard or Full Tummy Tuck Extended Tummy Tuck Fleur-de-lis Tummy Tuck Mini Tummy Tuck Steps of […]


Mommy Makeover, Risks, Recovery And Benefits Involved

You might have spent your days working hard for a desirable body. You have maintained it well and nourished it with a good diet and proper exercise. But it is nature’s design that women have to undergo many bodily changes throughout their lives.  One of these changes, and actually the most amazing one, is childbirth. […]


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