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Types of Wrinkle Fillers, Uses, Side Effects, Benefits, Risks …

Waking up one fine morning just to see wrinkles appearing on my face is my biggest nightmare. Once the very first wrinkle appears, it is assumed that you are now heading towards old age. And trust me, it is not a good feeling at all. Thankfully today, with modern advancement in cosmetic procedures, we can […]



Are you among the people who have tried their best to lose weight by controlling the diet and doing real tiresome exercises? And you still don’t feel any remarkable change in you? Don’t worry at all. The medical field has really got advanced in cosmetic surgeries. In fact, losing weight with surgeries have become common […]


Tummy Tuck In Pakistan – What To Consider Before Attending The Doctor

A few years back here in Pakistan, getting cosmetic surgery done was a taboo. It was considered as something only for actors or celebrities. In fact, they were also criticized for choosing plastic surgery as a means to enhance their beauty. But with time and more awareness, people have now begun to see its benefits […]


High Definition Liposuction – What Can We Achieve?

Are you fed up with your weight gain issues? Do you also want an attractive appearance such as the actors on magazine covers which you drool upon? Have you ever thought of getting plastic surgery done? Well yes, plastic surgery today is not only limited to celebrities. Interestingly, common people are going for cosmetic surgeries […]


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