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The Cost Of Otoplasty Is Pocket Friendly If Done Awake With Local Freezing

In the past, cosmetic surgeries were considered a taboo and something only actors or models will do. In this day and age, people have become more aware of how cosmetic procedures can help them enhance their beauty. Moreover, they can be helpful in many medical conditions. Another misconception about cosmetic surgery in commoners like us […]


Ear Correction Surgery : An Overview

Not many people know about it, but in today’s world, you can get the ears of your choice. All hail the plastic surgery! Yes, you read that right, it is possible! These days, it is quite common that people who are not comfortable with some features of their face contact a plastic surgeon to get […]



Table of Contents OTOPLASTY Introduction What is Otoplasty Goal Should this Procedure get done? Points to know before Otoplasty Risks Surgery; Pre-Operative, During & Post-Operative Overview Pre-Operative Requirements Surgery Requirements Post-Operative Requirements Self-Care after Otoplasty On A Lighter Note OTOPLASTY Introduction: Aesthetic appearance is very important for building confidence and evolving as a bold personality. […]


Common Questions Asked About Ear surgery and Their answers

Ear correction surgery, when I first heard about it, I was a bit confused. Like why would people need to correct their ears? What can actually go wrong with ears that cosmetic surgery is required to treat it? So, I started my research on this procedure, and definitely, it was an enlightening experience. In fact, […]


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