Month: February 2022


Fat Transfer To Face – 24 Hrs Downtime Pros And Cons

  Is your facial skin losing its elasticity and lacking youthfulness? Do you want to plump your thin lips to catch his eyes at the first sight? Or do you want to correct your facial asymmetries? Not only facial fat transfer in Karachi can help you achieve these goals but much more too. Fortunately, those […]


When Can You Have A Tummy Tuck After C Section?

Pregnancy brings about a lot of changes. No doubt, it is a full-time commitment but you have to make a lot of sacrifices regarding your figure as well. But that surely doesn’t mean that you have to completely forget about yourself. Fortunately, caesarians or C-sections have saved a lot of mothers and have made it […]


Brazilian Butt Lift Or BBL in Karachi Pakistan – Types , Procedure , Results , Risks &  Recovery Time

Do you want to look more attractive? Dissatisfied with your flat bum? Without any doubt, every human man or woman desires a pleasant body. To achieve this, we work on ourselves. We go to the gym, follow strict diets and try to keep ourselves in shape. However, sometimes, we want to enhance a single feature […]


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