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Fat Grafting: Different Types Of Fat Transfer And How It Works

Cosmetic surgery trends have extended their roots from celebrities and models to commoners like us. However, going under the knife can be frightening for all. This is why many non-invasive procedures have gained popularity. In the beginning, laser surgeries were introduced. Now we have an array of non-invasive cosmetic procedures. People tend to be more […]


Fat Transfer or Grafting: Side Effects, Benefits and Risks Involved

I am so fat! This statement is a concern of many, but we cannot overlook another group of people who are continuously bullied in our society. Those are the ones who are struggling to get some curves. Yes, some of us are actually different. At one end, where everyone struggles to lose weight, some of […]


How To Get A Lifted Butt?

How often do you sweat out at the gym to fulfill your dream of a big round bottom? Have you spent days and nights doing squats and lunges? Still, you are thriving for the booty of your dreams? Why haven’t you yet considered cosmetic surgery? A few years back cosmetic surgery was a taboo and […]


Who Needs A Facial Fat Transfer?

Facial fat transfer is gaining popularity with every passing day since the face is the center of a person’s beauty. Whenever you see a person, the first thing you notice is his/her facial features. If you are a man or woman who wishes to enhance his/her facial features, advancement in cosmetic surgery has a lot […]


Big isn’t always good

Sometimes there has to be a middle ground. Anything in excess is never good or pretty. These rules apply to your buttocks as well. A disproportionate buttock will never be attractive. There are people who need butt implants and then there are ones who need a reduction. Big buttocks that prevent you from wearing the […]


Trends of cosmetic procedure in younger generation!!

What younger generation is seeking in cosmetic surgery in Pakistan is now an important debate in cosmetic industry. More and more teens and young adults are visiting Aesthetic surgeons for procedures. Most common procedure like Liposuction, Fat Transfer, Fillers Vaginoplasty and Hair Transplant. In west young patients are commonly visiting for vaginoplasty and Fillers. In our part […]



According to American society of  aesthetic plastic surgeon, fat transfer or fat grafting procedure is gaining popularity. Body parts like Breast, buttocks, calves and face are the areas mostly treated. Fat Transfer in Pakistan, Karachi is surprisingly also becoming a very popular procedure day by day. Looking at this, we decided to do a post on fat […]



  Early sign of aging make you stand in front of mirror all the time. You are worried you are anxious to get away even a tiny frown line. Early aging sign appears when you turn thirty and that is the time when you must start thinking of your future.  Aging is environmental like sun […]


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