Month: November 2012

What Is Nose Job Or Rhinoplasty?

Nose job, nose surgery or rhinoplasty, these are the alternative term used for procedure done to shape the nose done by majority of people to improve their nose proportion and appearance.


Chest Liposuction Case Along With Areola Reduction

Author have already written many times and discuss social embarrassment of a male having big breast or chest which sometimes becomes a psychological problem. Large male breast or gynecomastia also causes in many patients a protruding nipple areola because of a constant pressure of a stromal tissue behind areola leads to tissue expansion and that physiology leads to […]


Face Lifting Can Drag Your Age Back

It is said that just by reading a person face one can tell about that person personality but what if that face is all wrinkled up hiding everything behind it. That is what majority of aged women and men think when they see their face in mirror. In past medical science offer no solution for […]


Tummy Tuck – Get a Flat Belly

Media has changed our life a lot. It has not only changed the way we look at world but it has also changed the way we look at our self. It dictates that what norms of our society are. In past well fed and healthy women were considered beautiful but it is because of media […]


Rhinoplasty – Nose Job Surgery

Nose job or Rhinoplasty is a challenging job for a cosmetic Surgeon as you are dealing with a big issue at a small place. I encountered a patient who had a history of trauma years back and under gone lot of surgeries before but did not find any luck, his defect was bothering him a lot and putting […]



Gynecomastia or large male breast has become a social taboo worldwide. Plastic Surgeon are now performing lot of Chest liposuction to reduce this social fear. It has become so common that patients are showing them selves to Plastic and Cosmetic surgeon to get their Chest flat and some even ask to give there chest a […]


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