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Beautiful Smile Waiting for You!!! – Ultimate Lip Reduction

  Many Men and Women undergo lip augmentation to increase the size of the Upper and Lower ever, there are some people out there that feel that their lips are too large, individuals that have large lips may feel self-conscious about their appearance.


Bring His Smile Back – Cleft Lip

Image 1 & 2 are the pre operative pic of and little boy having birth defect of upper lip called cleft lip, image 3 is the post operative.


Cleft Lip

Images 1 till 5 are the pictures of pre and post opertive cleft lip which is a congenitial birth deformity and a very challenging job for a Plastic Surgeon both genders are effected and cleft lip left sided unilateral is more common. As people tend to look at your face when they address and lips are […]


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