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Trends of cosmetic procedure in younger generation!!

What younger generation is seeking in cosmetic surgery in Pakistan is now an important debate in cosmetic industry. More and more teens and young adults are visiting Aesthetic surgeons for procedures. Most common procedure like Liposuction, Fat Transfer, Fillers Vaginoplasty and Hair Transplant.   In west young patients are commonly visiting for vaginoplasty and Fillers. In our […]


Chest Liposuction For Large Male Breast Or Gynocomastia Under Local Anaesthesia

Hi doc I got my smile back. This is the common action for a men when he sees his chest after liposuction. There is a constant smile on his face after the procedure which is before very insecure.  I see such behaviour and these acts of confidence with my every patients.


Chest Lipo Along with Lipo of Lower Belly and Waist Line.

DOC! Can I have my large breast reduce along with my belly? This common question which is being asked by any cosmetic surgeon and the answer is yes you can. Aesthetic surgery has done wonder for human bodies from starlicious make over till belly tucking. This is because people are now more conscious regarding their aesthetic […]



Self Esteem, lack of confidence and complex can become a termite for your whole life if someone is suffering from it. Many people have lack of self esteem when they talk or address to someone if they are not enough confident. Some times that lack of confidence arises if you have some disfigurement in your […]


Chest Liposuction Case Along With Areola Reduction

Author have already written many times and discuss social embarrassment of a male having big breast or chest which sometimes becomes a psychological problem. Large male breast or gynecomastia also causes in many patients a protruding nipple areola because of a constant pressure of a stromal tissue behind areola leads to tissue expansion and that physiology leads to […]


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