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Why To Choose A Right Plastic And Cosmetic Surgeon

Feel good and smart is the right of every human being, people are doing many things to keep them self in the front line of what we called beauty, many of them are taking advantage from beauty and the cosmetic products and others take help from the gym instructor to maintain there body shape.


Facts About Liposuction in Pakistan

The word liposuction is as popular in health industry as the word Apple in Cellular business  Both are the status symbol for person who is carrying it and who is carrying in, meaning liposuction is the most popular Cosmetic procedure world wide which is under discussion with both gender.


Million Dollar Smile : Corrective Rhinoplasty

Bring Her Smile Back A 12 year girl who had an accident years back at her nose and cheek.In our society women are more concerned and their parents also for their daughter nose to be perfect. So that girl got stitched by some doctor not a plastic surgeon and a defect she got now was […]


Corrective Rhinoplasty Case Study

Nose job is the most tedious job for a Plastic surgeon world wide. When a man or women addresses to some one face to face than the first thing to be noticed is the nose and if there is a defect than a person shows lack of confidence and embarrassment. Rhinoplasty is the most challenging procedure.As you are dealing with […]


All About Liposuction and Its Types

Liposuction commonly called lipoplasty is an aesthetic surgical technique in which surplus fat is stripped away from fat deposits stored between the skin and muscle through a small, thin stainless steel instrument called a cannula.


What is Tumescent Liposuction?

Tumescent Liposuction: The word “tumescent” means swollen and firm. By injecting a large volume of very dilute lidocaine (local anesthetic) and epinephrine (capillary constrictor) into subcutaneous fat, the targeted tissue becomes swollen and firm, or tumescent.


Grade 1 Gynecomastia Patient

Patient of Grade 1 gynecomastia has been operated  via tumescent liposuction procedure. He asked Dr Arif Hussain not to flattened his chest completely; so he gave him a shape what he desired. Now he is fully satisfied and has joined his regular exercise. The pictures are immediate after first post day.


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