Month: June 2019

How to know if you need a Facelift?

Despite being a natural phenomenon, aging may not be as inevitable as you may perceive. The signs of aging appear as a spectrum that may vary from person to person. It is a common observation that famous celebrities tend to maintain their youthful appearance with minimal signs of aging while those who have a careless […]


Can women still get pregnant after a Tummy Tuck?

For some women, the hardest part after their pregnancy may be the dramatic weight change in their body which may be hard to put up with. For these women, a tummy tuck in Karachi, Pakistan, could be a life-changing surgery.   SHOULD I WORRY ABOUT GETTING A TUMMY TUCK AFTER PREGNANCY? A Tummy Tuck in […]


Can a Tummy Tuck Give You a Flat Stomach?

WHY UNDERGO A TUMMY TUCK? Some patients may find their abdominal skin becoming loose after rigorous weight loss and in females, pregnancy changes the body dramatically as well. Despite achieving their target weight, they may not be fully satisfied with the way their body looks and feels, in part due to the extra pouch or […]


Best Sleeping Positions after Plastic Surgery

The recovery process after every surgery is deemed as important as the surgery itself, whether it be strict adherence to post-operative drugs, abstinence from exertions or even something as trivial as sleeping positions may dictate the final outcome. Sleep is the key to stay ahead of the curve, and numerous studies point towards the benefits […]


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