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Facial Fat Grafting: What You Should Know

Are you looking for a most natural way of restoring volume to your features? How about giving a try facial fat grafting? Contrasting to injectable fillers comprising of artificial ingredients, fat tissues are present all over the body, making this procedure a safer one too. Looking into this procedure, fat grafting involves the removal of […]


Fat Grafting: Different Types Of Fat Transfer And How It Works

Cosmetic surgery trends have extended their roots from celebrities and models to commoners like us. However, going under the knife can be frightening for all. This is why many non-invasive procedures have gained popularity. In the beginning, laser surgeries were introduced. Now we have an array of non-invasive cosmetic procedures. People tend to be more […]


Fat Transfer or Grafting: Side Effects, Benefits and Risks Involved

I am so fat! This statement is a concern of many, but we cannot overlook another group of people who are continuously bullied in our society. Those are the ones who are struggling to get some curves. Yes, some of us are actually different. At one end, where everyone struggles to lose weight, some of […]



When a person address you or talk to you, face is the first thing that encounters you. A healthy and a young supple face is the face that everyone wants. Aging is the continuous process which is  not in your control but we can handle it and keep it young and fresh by many surgical […]



Fat Grafting or fat transfer is by its name is a very artistic and result oriented procedure in the field of both Re constructive and Cosmetic Surgery. Indication for this procedure is vast from Hemi facial atrophy of the face mean congenital depression of cheek fat till the cosmetic Breast and Gluteal augmentations. Basically this procedure is […]


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