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Can You Get a BBL with a High Blood Pressure & BBL Types, Risks, and Recovery Discussed?

Brazilian Butt Lift is a popular surgical butt augmentation procedure. It’s a cosmetic procedure involving the fat transfer that gives volume and enhances the shape of the buttocks with well-defined curves. So, if you have shapeless and sagging buttocks and are bothered by figure imbalance, BBL surgery can work for you. Who Is An Ideal […]


Butt Implants Surgery : Types , Risks , Results & After Procedure Recovery

Butt Implants Butt implants are also known as gluteal augmentation. Another name for butt implants is buttock augmentation, and it was not common in the past few years. But with every year passing, this field of cosmetic surgery is diversifying. This surgical procedure involves artificially induced various devices such as fat, silicon, and others. The […]


Recovering From Brazilian Butt Lift

Who has never dreamt of having a big rounded butt? Well, I guess everybody of us has put effort into gyms to get a good bottom. But sometimes those efforts don’t pay off, and some out of the box treatment are required. Here Brazilian Butt lift comes as a savior. Brazilian butt lift is a […]


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