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How To Get Rid Of Gynecomastia During Puberty?

Every child fancies becoming a grown-up. Haha, they think life becomes easier for adults. Sadly, they’ll get the taste of what challenges lie ahead just as soon as they reach puberty. Most of you know what puberty is, right? Let me explain it in simpler words. What Is Puberty Puberty is a time when you […]


Gynecomastia In Pakistan- Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Gynecomastia refers to breast tissue enlargement in males. You might have seen boys or men with a female like developed breasts. Most of the time, such people are bullied and become a laughing stock among peers. This should be highly discouraged because breast enlargement in men can be because of some severe illness. And, such […]


The Top 5 Myths About Gynecomastia – Busted!

Breasts are a symbol of feminine beauty. While women will do anything to get rounder and fuller breasts, having them can be embarrassing for men. They are quite often targeted by bullies and are laughed upon. Have you ever heard of gynecomastia? No? You are wrong! It is a very common condition many of you […]


The factors that lead to Gynecomastia!

Gynecomastia or man boobs is the enlargement of the male breast tissues and this is a normal condition. Near about seventy percent of the boys experience it during the puberty. Though the middle-aged and older men may also experience such condition. Gynecomastia is typically characterised by the enlargement of the male breast tissues or accumulation […]

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Pakistan The Fastest Growing Country in Cosmetic Surgery

                Pakistan is no less when it comes to the beautiful bodies and faces. The country houses many experts of plastic surgery and many surgeons who practiced and trained in countries like Canada, UK, USA, Australia, etc. The services are exactly equivalent to what is offered by other […]

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  Gynecomastia is a Greek word. GYNE means female and MASTIA means Breast. It is a condition occur in males resulting in large or feminine Breast. Approximate 75% of all Gynecomastia are physiological. Gynecomastia is a social taboo and patients suffering from it usually have low self esteem. Surgeons are doing great job and several […]

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TRUE GYNECOMASTIA !!! Under Freezing only.

Gynecomastia is a social taboo world wide effecting men. Cause are different like physiological, pathological, drug induce and obesity. True gynecomastia is usually physiological and occurs at puberty. Itreverts back but sometimes stays their and becomes an embarrassing situation for a men.  By true Gynecomastia we mean it has a hard glandular tissue beneath nipples […]



Their were the age when  penicillin was first discovered for fight against bacterias. Surgeries were performed without anesthesia using alcohol. And bull ants were used to close the cuts.


GYNECOMASTIA ! Pakistan & taboos

Gynecomastia is a condition which occurs in males and a rising taboo around the world. Keeping your figure in shape or having concern about it was always been a domain of developed world.



Gynecomastia is a condition which is not so popular among young males. It is a social taboo or a condition that leads towards personality disorder as well as body disfigurement. Males at their early twenties and mid twenties are much bother abt it as they usually  first notice this condition when they reach sixteen.


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