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Am I Too Skinny For A BBL? What Is A Skinny BBL?

Good genes are mainly responsible for a naturally perfect and ideal figure. But what to do when you are not blessed with some? That’s where science steps in and saves the day. I was always a skinny child. I had high hopes during my puberty age, but nothing seemed to change. No matter how much […]


How Long Does A Brazilian Butt Lift Last? How To Get An Hourglass Body I Always Wanted?

“Every woman goes through changes after puberty, but my body never developed. I never got the curves I prayed and hoped for naturally. My class fellows went through the changes while I was stuck with the same child body. I always had to play the part of a boy in any drama. I was ridiculed […]


Brazilian Butt Lift Or BBL in Karachi Pakistan – Types , Procedure , Results , Risks &  Recovery Time

Do you want to look more attractive? Dissatisfied with your flat bum? Without any doubt, every human man or woman desires a pleasant body. To achieve this, we work on ourselves. We go to the gym, follow strict diets and try to keep ourselves in shape. However, sometimes, we want to enhance a single feature […]


Butt Implants Surgery : Types , Risks , Results & After Procedure Recovery

Butt Implants Butt implants are also known as gluteal augmentation. Another name for butt implants is buttock augmentation, and it was not common in the past few years. But with every year passing, this field of cosmetic surgery is diversifying. This surgical procedure involves artificially induced various devices such as fat, silicon, and others. The […]


Recovering From Brazilian Butt Lift

Who has never dreamt of having a big rounded butt? Well, I guess everybody of us has put effort into gyms to get a good bottom. But sometimes those efforts don’t pay off, and some out of the box treatment are required. Here Brazilian Butt lift comes as a savior. Brazilian butt lift is a […]


How To Get A Lifted Butt?

How often do you sweat out at the gym to fulfill your dream of a big round bottom? Have you spent days and nights doing squats and lunges? Still, you are thriving for the booty of your dreams? Why haven’t you yet considered cosmetic surgery? A few years back cosmetic surgery was a taboo and […]


Big isn’t always good

Sometimes there has to be a middle ground. Anything in excess is never good or pretty. These rules apply to your buttocks as well. A disproportionate buttock can affect one’s overall aesthetic appeal. For some individuals, enhancing their buttocks with implants may be the ideal solution, while others may require a reduction for a more […]



Introduction: The Brazilian butt lift has become a sought-after procedure in Western cultures, where voluptuous curves are often associated with beauty. This transformative process involves harvesting fat from the belly and transferring it to the buttock area, allowing individuals to sculpt two body parts simultaneously. The initial step often includes a process known as Liposuction, […]


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