Month: January 2022

The Cost Of Otoplasty Is Pocket Friendly If Done Awake With Local Freezing

In the past, cosmetic surgeries were considered a taboo and something only actors or models will do. In this day and age, people have become more aware of how cosmetic procedures can help them enhance their beauty. Moreover, they can be helpful in many medical conditions. Another misconception about cosmetic surgery in commoners like us […]


Can Gynecomastia Be Treated With Creams Or Surgery Is A Must?

Today, we are talking about two different treatment methods of gynecomastia surgery in Karachi; breast reduction creams and surgery. However, it is shocking that many people have gynecomastia and are not aware that it is a medical condition and how they can treat it. So, before we move ahead to the treatment, let’s first get […]


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