Month: March 2022


How To Get Rid Of Puffy Nipples Or Type 1 Gynecomastia?

Did you know that puffy nipples are a form of type 1 gynecomastia? Well, men of any age can develop this condition. However, it is more prevalent in young boys aged 15-25. Adding more to this, type 1 gynecomastia is known as true gynecomastia. This is so because it is excess development of glandular breast […]


How Long Do Results Of Liposuction Last? What To Expect?

Did you know that 246,354 patients in USA underwent liposuction in 2017? Behind breast augmentation and rhinoplasty, liposuction has turned out to be the second most popular body contouring procedure across the globe. More to your interest, a large number of females opted for this surgery as compared to males according to American Society of […]


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