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Body contouring or a cosmetic surgery.. a booming industry!!

You can’t snatch the liberty to look good from any one, and specially from those who want it badly. Taking every measure both invasive and non invasive just to hear from others mouth, hi! You look slim, you look so young.



Pakistan is considered a third world country, but! What a country which has the world best Doctors, ability to perform in every circumstances and always eager to learn and adopt latest techniques in very less period of time.


What Is Nose Job Or Rhinoplasty?

Nose job, nose surgery or rhinoplasty, these are the alternative term used for procedure done to shape the nose done by majority of people to improve their nose proportion and appearance.


Rhinoplasty – Nose Job Surgery

Nose job or Rhinoplasty is a challenging job for a cosmetic Surgeon as you are dealing with a big issue at a small place. I encountered a patient who had a history of trauma years back and under gone lot of surgeries before but did not find any luck, his defect was bothering him a lot and putting […]


Million Dollar Smile : Corrective Rhinoplasty

Bring Her Smile Back A 12 year girl who had an accident years back at her nose and cheek.In our society women are more concerned and their parents also for their daughter nose to be perfect. So that girl got stitched by some doctor not a plastic surgeon and a defect she got now was […]


Corrective Rhinoplasty Case Study

Nose job is the most tedious job for a Plastic surgeon world wide. When a man or women addresses to some one face to face than the first thing to be noticed is the nose and if there is a defect than a person shows lack of confidence and embarrassment. Rhinoplasty is the most challenging procedure.As you are dealing with […]


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