Is Liposuction Safe For Patients With Hypertension?

Being overweight is highly depressing as it makes you a laughing stock among people, and you become a target of continuous body shamming. Over and above that, it possesses great health risks too.

High amounts of fat in the body can put you at risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, hormonal imbalance, etc.

Who doesn’t want to have a smart and healthy body? Have you tried all kinds of exercise and diet control routines but failed to achieve desired results? Don’t worry at all since modern advancements in medical technology have introduced us to liposuction.

Who is not aware of liposuction? We see liposuction advertisements on daily newspapers, television, magazines and now on social media too. But do you actually know how the procedure works? It is a form of plastic surgery done by laser technology. Small ports are made on the targeted area from where fat is sucked. Moreover, fat is first emulsified and then pulled out through a vacuum-like device.

Seems so simple right? No doubt it is the easiest and pain free-method of weight loss. All your weight worries would be gone in a matter of hours. Here the question arises that is it the same for all kinds of people?

Is it safe in all conditions? Most precisely today, we will discuss its efficiency in hypertensive patients. Can people with high blood pressure get liposuction without any risk?

To understand the effects of liposuction in hypertensive patients, we first need to know what hypertension is and what level of blood pressure is actually high risk. Let’s discover this below.

What is Hypertension?


Hypertension or most commonly known as high blood pressure is a common disease in our elderly. Blood pressure refers to the force by which our heart pumps blood. When the heart starts to pump with greater force, the pressure increases and can lead to certain heart diseases.

An 80/120mmHfg is termed as normal blood pressure where 80 is systolic (arterial) ad 120 diastolic (ventral) blood pressure.


Wondering what can be considered a high level of low pressure? Or at what level is hypertension? Check out the table below for more understanding:


Systolic Diastolic Blood pressure category
90 or below 60 or below hypotension
91 to 119 61 to 79 normal
between 120 and 129 and below 80 elevated
between 130 and 139 or between 80 and 89 stage 1 hypertension
140 or higher or 90 or higher stage 2 hypertension
higher than 180 higher than120 hypertensive crisis


Notably, most surgeries can be performed with blood pressure when under control. In the case of blood pressure of 180 or more, higher systolic pressure can be dangerous during surgeries.

How Blood Pressure Impacts Liposuction?


Are you considering liposuction to shed off some sticky pounds but your high blood pressure is a major concern for you? You shouldn’t worry if it is appropriately managed.

In fact, liposuction is only risky when your blood pressure is poorly controlled and is higher than 180 (systolic) or 110(diastolic).

Pondering Over Why is it Risky?

Risks of Poorly Controlled Blood Pressure During Liposuction:


Some risks hypertension can cause are as follows:


  • Fluid retention
  • Ruptured veins

Some people are concerned about their blood pressure under general anesthesia. Here your anesthesiologist plays a crucial role.


Role Of Anesthesiologist During Liposuction For Hypertensive Patients:


Don’t know how your body would react under anesthesia? You do not need to worry; it’s your anesthesiologist’s job. He will monitor all your vital signs, especially blood pressure and heart rate during surgery.

In case your blood pressure increases during surgery, he will administer intravenous medications i.e., anti-hypertensives. Also, some patients might experience an increase in blood pressure soon after surgery. In that case, intravenous medication is also given.

Here you might be thinking about the medicines you were already taking to control your blood pressure. What about them? Can you take them before surgery or when can you resume taking them after surgery? Read on.

Blood Pressure Medicines And Liposuction:


Which medicines to take and which not to take, it is better to be discussed by your health care professional. In most of the cases, you can continue to take your chronic blood pressure medicines before the surgery. While some medicines need to be held which you can ask your doctor about.

So do make sure that you fix an appointment with your physician as well before you schedule your liposuction.


Role Of The Plastic Surgeon:


For hypertensive patients, the results of liposuction may differ depending upon how large the area is where the surgery is to be performed. For this, your surgeon must perform a complete assessment.

It is very important that you consider a good surgeon. Here the question arises how is it possible to differ good from UN efficient surgeons? Well, let me tell you a unique trait of an excellent surgeon. A right surgeon will always be honest with you. In this stance, he will adequately explain the expected outcomes of the procedure considering your state of health.


The Bottom Line:


If you were thinking that you cannot get liposuction with hypertension, it is not the case. In fact, reducing fat from your body might help you get rid of the disease as well as more complications like heart diseases in the future.

You just need to have control over the disease through medication. And all your medications and health conditions must be thoroughly discussed with your physician, plastic surgeon, and anesthesiologist.






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