Liposuction of Thighs

The aim of liposuction on thighs is to remove excessive fats from the major areas which are static even after exercise. Liposuction of thighs is good for patients with the baggage of fats on their thighs. The more stretchable and stronger the skin is, the better results will it produce. But, it will not remove the cellulite. Majority of the non-obese people have a particular number of fat cells which contract and expand according to their activities and diet. It gets rid of some fat cells leaving a few to contract and expand. All suction based liposuction is done with the help of a thin metal rod or cannula attached with a vacuum pump which is inserted inside the skin, and constantly passed through the area of fat and it plucks out the fat. The well shaped body contour will appear after 3 months, and the patient must maintain a healthy lifestyle then onwards.

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Liposuction of hips and buttocks

The protruding hips are termed as muffins, which is relatively a concern for the obese men and women. The liposuction or liposculpture helps to reduce them in 3 days. Fatty buttocks distort the shape of the body and often it appears that the person does not have a waist. Dress hangs above the hips; the buttocks can not be hidden with the help of a dress. The hips protrude over the top of low cut jeans. Along with hip liposuction in the older women, fat is also plucked out from below the bra strap area to improve the waist. However, it is a difficult area to be brought to shape perfectly because the bra strap has stretched the skin over a long period of time.

Thie liposuction Karachi
Any women or men having protruding thighs and bulging hips, or if the bottom appears square shaped, and nice clothing looks poor due to the fact that it is stretched to its maximum capacity when worn over the hips and thighs, then liposculpture or liposuction is the best option for you.

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