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gdidbfjbIts not uncommon to see men seeking to eliminate unwanted fat deposits, typically in the chest (a condition called gynecomastia), around the abdomen, along with waist and flanks.

What is the procedure for six-pack abs formation?
Fortunately, this is achievable through “Abs Etching”. Abs formation is done through liposuction, thinning of definitive lines to achieve visible sections of distinctive abs. Abdominal etching is a form of liposculpting that takes liposuction to the next level involving an advance level of detailing and distinction to the abdomen that gets you six-packs. This procedure is suitable for those who have stable weight and almost flat abdomen that lacks definition. For men with pot-belly, liposuction alone can create a flat tummy.


Will the fat re-accumulate at the involved area after liposuction?
The fat cells that are removed are gone forever so there are no chances that fat will accumulate at the same place. But if you keep eating junk food and don’t adapt a healthy life style (balance between intake and outtake), fat will surely accumulate somewhere else on your body, making you look disproportionate.



I cannot wear fitted shirts due to protrusions on my chest. Can it be corrected?
It can be moderate gynecomastia that indicates that most of the fibrous tissue (glands) must have accumulated beneath the areola which can be removed in a day care procedure without any pain or scars. For men with this condition (gynecomastia), excess breast tissue can make it impossible to achieve a toned, flat chest, no matter how many push-ups or bench presses they do because breasts tissue cannot be decreased through diet/exercise or any creams/oil. Proper Gynecomastia correction and chest shaping is the only safe option to get a masculine chest.

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