Am I Too Skinny For A BBL? What Is A Skinny BBL?

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Good genes are mainly responsible for a naturally perfect and ideal figure. But what to do when you are not blessed with some? That’s where science steps in and saves the day.

I was always a skinny child. I had high hopes during my puberty age, but nothing seemed to change.

No matter how much I ate, I never seemed to get the curves I had always wished and dreamed for. I always had to play the boy’s part in school dramas, no matter how much I wanted to play the girl.

I couldn’t even bring myself to look in the mirror anymore.

Moreover, when I started university, I had enough. I started searching for treatments and procedures that could give me my confidence back.

Finally, I landed upon the right one for me, the choice was pretty easy. In the beginning, I was skeptical regarding the outcome, but my surgeon helped me set realistic goals.

I could not wait for the recovery period to end so that, I could live my life to the fullest.

Skinny BBL:

This was the story of Mahira before she went to Dr. Arif Hussain to get a skinny BBL.

What is a BBL you ask? Actually, it is a surgical procedure that sculpts and tones the butt. Besides, it uses a fat transfer technique that includes harvesting fat from one or more areas of your body.

The surgeon then safely transfers that fat to the buttocks areas to increase volume.

If you decide to get a skinny BBL in Karachi, Pakistan, you will be able to achieve:

·      Natural-Looking Results:

Many individuals prefer getting skinny BBL over implants as they feel fake. The implants can get disproportioned and affect the outcome.

Whereas this is a safe procedure that provides the most natural look. Your surgeon harvest the fat from your own body so, there is no probability of rejection as well.

·      Toned Body And Figure:

If you are slim, that doesn’t exclude you from desiring a more toned and shaped figure. You might have a tummy pooch or love handles.

If you transfer even just a modest amount of fat, you can finally achieve the figure you always wanted.

·      Long-Lasting Outcome:

Notably, skinny Brazilian Butt Lift conserves around 80% to 90% of fat so, there is a high possibility of enjoying long-lasting outcomes.

More to your interest, individuals who have good fat pockets make ideal candidates for a BBL but what about those who don’t have enough fat percentage?

Firstly, let’s discuss how much fat is required.

How Much Fat Would I Need To Get A Skinny BBL?

The amount of fat you will need for the procedure depends upon the following factors:

  1. Your expected results
  2. The fat available according to the anatomy of the body
  3. Fat survival rate.

Your surgeon will explain and guide you through these factors. Also, he will help you decide upon the one that will suit you best.

Noticeably, if a patient is healthy or slightly overweight, he will have enough fat pockets that will make a visible change.

Similarly, in the case of a slim patient, he won’t need that much fat to begin with to make a significant change.

Difference Between Skinny BBL And Routine BBL?

  • Skinny BBL was designed for those individuals whose BMI is 24.

In this procedure, the surgeon has to use very specific and skilled techniques to harvest as much fat as possible.

  • The surgeon also asks the patient to gain a little bit of weight before the final procedure.

Whereas in regular BBL, there is no such need as the fat pockets are already enough.

  • A regular BBL focuses on contouring the added volume. On the flip side, the surgeon focuses on the shape he needs to achieve in a skinny BBL.

Am I Too Skinny To Get A BBL?

Many slim patients have this misconception that they won’t be able to get a Brazilian Butt Lift because the technique requires fat pockets.

But you can never access that by yourself. Your surgeon will decide that by assessing your health and condition.

Don’t worry! As you will still have another option left to achieve your goals. You can always ask to get silicone implants.

If you want to go for all-natural, then your surgeon put you on a diet that will add weight and increase your fat pockets.

Adding to it, that diet would only last for a limited time period. A strictly therapeutic diet is all you will need to gain temporary fat pockets that will promise a good result.

The Takeaway:

Skinny BBL always uses precise volumes of fat that you will need to get that perfect shape.

No foreign material is inserted which is always healthy and safe. You must always maintain a consistent weight range to see the maximum output of the procedure. The results will also last much longer.

How To Find A Good Surgeon?

Our nose is the most delicate facial part. It is made up of soft bone and cartilage. A little change to the shape of your nose can make a great difference in your appearance.

Therefore, always go for a highly qualified and well-trained surgeon who can expertly do the surgery. Especially, when it’s your special day and you can afford no chance of error.

Before making an appointment for brazilian butt lift surgery in karachi, make sure you are contacting a well qualified and trained surgeon. He should listen to your requirements and assess your health condition. Then he should suggest the most suitable procedure for you. Furthermore, he should be able to communicate all possible outcomes of the procedure, risk factors, and downtime. For this, you should arrange separate sessions. Furthermore, you should have a look at the before and after pictures of previous cases.

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