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Wonders of face lift with combination of procedures

I don’t want to look older doc    Stretch my face can you save my life!

Face lifting is not the 8th wonders of the world but that procedure can for sure bring wonders is some one’s life . Many women they want this procedure to start a new life again after having trauma in their life.  Face lifting means the lifting of the skin and the muscles of the face to look young and beautiful. This procedure can drag your age for at least ten year back and you can start your new life again.  Now we can divide face lift procedure into many types and technique according to the need.

It can be classical complete skin and subcutaneous face lift the SMAS face lift (subcutaneous musclo apineurotic sytem and the MAC face lift which is minimal excess tension suturing.

These all are the different techniques which are now days in practice and different plastic surgeon are adopting according to their need and practice.

What one can achieve after having face lift procedure? Face lift can lift your neck  and jaw line correct the drooping jowls tighten the malar fold the temples and the forehead .

Face lift can be done by combination of others aesthetic procedure on the face, like a patient can have her or his upper and lower bhelephroplasty done with the face lift procedure, by bhelephroplasty I mean correction of sagging of upper and lower eyelids. That can give a younger look to a patient.

Even a nose job can be done along with a face lift to give a sudden change in the personality.When doing a face lift I usually do a liposuction of the jaw line as well that gives more tightening of the neck and the jowls by giving contraction to the dermal skin.

Procedure is a day care and recovery time is between 5 to 7days with two days dressing.  Plastic surgery has done a lot in a good way for a human life and made you  told  the world who is in charge…..

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