People are more concerned and anxious now days to look good and keep themselves in shape. They do diet, exercise, Gym and Yoga’s to look slim and trim. Now from past 30 – 20 years Plastic and cosmetic surgery open up the door for such patients who like to go back in their twenties and wear a trouser of skinny waist. I am talking about the most conducted procedure of body contouring called LIPOSUCTION. By that procedure you can have your waist line reduce your belly comes in shape and your thighs look skiny and beautiful.

Plastic Surgeons are performing this very often and delivering their best from conventional lipo or tumescent liposuction till 3rd generation liposuction like vasers and lasers. Selection of patients is important, for which procedure a patient should go for Mega or large liposuction with tumescent and conventional one, and for small areas bodytite lipo and the vasers.

What we can do as well we can join the two procedure like reducing the fat and the load from the area and at the same time giving more tightening to the skin. That can be achieved by doing conventional tumescent liposuction along with bodytite laser. The laser lipo will give max contraction on dermis and make the body more firm and in shape.


After marking and examination the patient is draped and prepped. This procedure can be done under local anesthesia and as well in the General Anesthesia. After injecting the tumescent cocktail in the chest and the abdomen area the surgeon should wait for some time so the drug should completely absorb in the fat tissue. Small incision are made to deliver the tumescent solution and for suction. Conventional liposuction procedure now carried out and the Surgeon should start suction the fat out with too and fro motion over the already tumescent injected areas. After doing the conventional lipo suction you leave a small amount of fat for LASER lipolysis and the surgeon should start sculpturing already treated areas mainly the subcutaneous fat in this way giving more contraction on the dermis which cannot be achieved with conventional liposuctions. Sculpturing the subcutaneous fat a bit we can achieve six packs beautifully as seen in the post operated picture.

Laser lipolysis act very good on small areas like chin arms and small tummies and can be done under local anesthesia. So it is to be understood that a surgeon can sculpt the figure by combining two procedures if going for mega liposuction but it requires skill and perfection.

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