Excess deposition of fat can be localized or generalized (i.e. in bigger area) which can cause disfigurement (tummy, buttocks & thighs) especially after weight gain. Females are much bother about their thigh areas also known as the riding breeches and the fat around buttocks known as frank tissue deposition. These areas should be targeted with mega liposuction (tumescent) procedure will give very aesthetic results. Men are much bother about their waist line and the tummy areas, if the muscle status of the tummy area is well toned than for sure liposuction will do a good job.


The word lipo selection means that selected area should be treated with small cannula  not more than 1 to 1.5 mm in diameter. Liposelection areas are, Chest (male), arms, small tummies, chin and jaw lines and the mid face areas. These areas are treated with liposelection with a gentle touch because we are not dealing with more fat here rather than sculpturing the areas. Lipo selection can be performed under local anaesthesia and as well as under general anaesthesia.


One thing is important in liposuction and lipo selection that we have to tumescent the area whatever or how much area we are treating. That will give you more appropriate suction and also reduces the post operative pain and bruises. Tumescent means swollen and firm by injecting a calculated amount of Xylocane and the Adrenalin in the fat before suction. Other thing which is important for person to know who ever wants to get it done that, liposuction or liposelection are not the procedure for weight reduction but only for body tightening, sculpturing and taking out the unwanted fat which is not reducing or going away after exercise or diet.

After liposuction procedure one should always maintain a healthy life style or do some exercise  play any games for half an hour it will tone up your body quickly.
Liposuction with tumescent procedure is a  day care one, if we are doing mega liposuction and a lunch time procedure when we are doing liposelection under local anaesthesia.
Liposuction is the most conducted Cosmetic surgery procedure world wide and getting new and new methods to obtain good Aesthetic results. I belive that only care should be taken and reckhi should be done to choose a qualified and right Plastic and Cosmetic surgeon

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