Pakistan is considered a third world country, but! What a country which has the world best Doctors, ability to perform in every circumstances and always eager to learn and adopt latest techniques in very less period of time.

Liposuction in Pakistan or body contouring procedure are routinely done and performed by qualified Plastic Surgeons and results are as good as abroad. People from other part of countries visit here to get Cosmetic procedures done, Reason being the good quality of work in economical price. Most common procedure in cosmetic surgery which are performed, LIPOSUCTION, TUMMY TUCK, BREAST IMPLANTS, HAIR TRANSPLANT and RHINOPLASTY or NOSE JOB.

Among these procedures Liposuction is routinely done and giving good results to the patients. People in Pakistan are getting aware of the need and the demand of the cosmetic procedures. A patient should always be aware of the results and the outcome of every cosmetic procedure which they are willing for.

Liposuction is the most common Plastic Surgery procedure done worldwide. It is not the procedure for weight reduction but for body contouring. It will reduce the fat in those areas where it is difficult to reduce in a hr time or so, decreases your waist line trimming your jaw line, pushing your belly back and even making six packs. Sometimes when it is performed at multiple areas at the same time specially the thigh, hips and belly of a women we do encounter some weight reduction, but still I believe it is not the procedure for weight reduction. People in Pakistan are literate enough to understand about cosmetic procedure specially liposuction but still some ask how much will you charge for 10kg or can I have 15inches reduction in my waist line. This is the duty of a Plastic Surgeon to guide when the patients arrives and tell the true story.

Pakistan is among those countries who has a good health network and the surgeon are up to date and skilled specially in the field of Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery.



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