Liposuction as you know is the process to get rid off unwanted fat from the body.

The stubborn fat which not responding to diet and exercise, liposuction is the best option for such cases.

From time to time their are many modification in terms of technology from conventional till vaser or laser lipo. I do SAFELipo which is a new technique.


Liposuction in Pakistan can be performed under local anesthesia with IV sedation and is been done by most of the Plastic surgeon world wide. We select small tummy, chin jaw line, arms or thighs. Aspiration of 2000ml fat is done easily under local anesthesia.

I have been doing liposuction under local IV sedation from quite some times and I found out  that many times patients becomes agitated and rest less due to the drug we give intravenously for sleep. It will not harm the patient but not allow the surgeon to perform lipo better because of the movement of the patients.

Reason for that when we are performing lipo under local the patients is conscious and can feel some pain or pricks of the needles when we inject the local tumescent solution. Due to IV drugs the patient  can’t understand and  can feel little pain they move and make you uneasy to perform procedure.


I do latest tumescent SAFELipo procedure under local but without IV sedation and found that it make surgeon life much easier.

How I do that.

Council the patient regarding the procedure

What i will do and how you will feel from prick till tumescent hardness and discomfort. To minimize the discomfort or little pain I allow my patients to indulge in their smarts phones playing games or music. I do continues talking with my patients while performing liposuction and telling them what I am doing when and where. It takes a bit longer times than lipo under general anesthesia but safe.

arms lipo

Best parts of this is, patients do not need to stay in the hospital but can leave immediately after having  coffee or tea with me.

I think lipo suction under local without IV sedation can give surgeon more time and space to finish his job in a better way and build a trust between patient and the surgeon.


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