Rhinoplasty: Myths And Facts


rhinoplasty myths and facts

You must be aware of the many sought out cosmetic procedures in the present times. But do you know of the ones that the clients request the most?

It is a saying that “The first step of self-appreciating is loving your nose.”

What Are Some Of The Myths Surrounding Rhinoplasty?

Whether you want to correct the shape of your nose, remove a bump or two or improve its functioning, rhinoplasty will cover it all.

Similar to all other common cosmetic procedures, it is a safe and standard procedure. But still, even in the present times, many myths surround it. Let’s discuss a few and find out the actual truth behind them.

Myth: It Will Look Fake And Unnatural:

Reality: The outcome of the procedure depends upon the hand of the person performing it. A well-experienced surgeon has extensive knowledge which will help you achieve your goal to a greater extent.

Other than that, a detailed discussion with your surgeon prior to the surgery also helps in setting realistic goals.

Notably, the term “natural” can have a different meaning for different people. Make sure to convey your thoughts and expectations to the surgeon.

This will help him avoid certain techniques which might have given you an “unnatural” look.

Myth: It Is Only For Aesthetic Purposes:

Reality: Many of us believe that rhinoplasty in Karachi, Pakistan only achieves aesthetic goals. But that is not true at all. This procedure aims to correct the following issues:

  • Breathing issues
  • Birth defects
  • Damages resulting from any injury or accident
  • Optimize nasal flow
  • Deformities

So, it doesn’t serve aesthetic purposes only, though they are a bonus.

Myth: Only Women Opt For Rhinoplasty:

Reality: Agreed that the majority of the population consists of women who go through cosmetic surgeries but that doesn’t mean it’s only for them.

It’s also becoming a trend for men too to go for rhinoplasty in Karachi so that, they can increase their quality of living. Men also get insecure regarding their image but mostly they don’t admit it openly.

Many men opt for this surgery to;

  • Correct a deviated septum
  • Widen a narrow nasal cavity


  • Just to reshape their nose

Myth: Scarring For Life:

Reality: Usually, the amount of scarring depends upon the nature of the procedure. For example, in closed rhinoplasty, the incisions are made inside the nostrils so, there’s no visible scarring on the surface of your nose.

However, in open rhinoplasty, the surgeon makes incisions on the surface. But before you get scared, we assure you that scarring gets next to a minimum after some time.

Your surgeon will make sure that they heal with minimal aesthetic impact by making them along the natural curvature of your nose.

What’s even better? Post-op instructions also help to reduce their appearance that’s why, just make sure to follow them strictly once you decide to go with it.

Myth: I Can Have Any Nose Shape:

Reality: Facial configuration procedures are complex techniques that vary from person to person. Therefore, one nose shape that looks about perfect on one individual might not sit right on another.

It needs to go in harmony with the rest of your features and the symmetry of your face. Otherwise, it will just look odd.

The consultation aims to set realistic goals which will suit you best. The procedure shouldn’t create any breathing problems. Besides, a detailed discussion with your surgeon will help you settle on what is the best option for your health.

Myth: Any Surgeon Can Perform It:

Reality: This is, by far, the most wrong statement of all. Nose reshaping surgery in Karachi is a complicated procedure that needs both skill and experience. Any surgeon can perform it but you will not like the outcome.

The safest way to avoid regret in the future is to go to a well reputable surgeon who knows how to do the job rightly. Make sure to do your research, look for feedback and make the best decision for yourself.

Myth: Sense Of Smell Might Get Affected:

Reality: The origin of this myth is somewhat a truthful source. Getting a rhinoplasty will affect your sense of smell but it will only be “temporary”.

Noticeably, this temporary period lasts from 3 to 6 weeks only. As your nose tissues start healing, your sense of smell and taste will gradually come back.

What else? You might also experience some nasal blockage during the first few days but that will also resolve once the healing process begins.

The Takeaway:

After debunking some of the most common myths, we hope it has become easier for you to make a wise decision. Good luck!

How To Find A Good Surgeon?

Always go for a highly qualified and well-trained surgeon who can expertly do the surgery. Especially, when it’s your special day and you can afford no chance of error.

Before making an appointment for rhinoplasty in Karachi, make sure you are contacting a well qualified and trained surgeon. He should listen to your requirements and assess your health condition. Then he should suggest the most suitable procedure for you. Furthermore, he should be able to communicate all possible outcomes of the procedure, risk factors, and downtime. For this, you should arrange separate sessions. Furthermore, you should have a look at the before and after pictures of previous cases.

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