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Can Liposuction Eliminate Cellulite?

Have you ever noticed that dimpling skin under your thighs? Why is it appearing even when you are in your twenties? Well, it is not just skin dimpling but something deeper! This condition is commonly known as cellulite.

What Is Cellulite?

Cellulite is that dimpled skin mostly occurring in the thigh region. Moreover, it can be seen in the hips, abdomen, buttocks, and breasts. It appears when fatty tissues deep in the skin push up the connective tissues.

In fact, thighs are more prone to this because they have more fatty tissues. Unfortunately, it is a very common condition in women and almost 85 percent of women will experience it after the age of 21 years. Luckily, men experience minimal to none cellulite development.

If it is not about the age then what causes cellulite? To facilitate you further with this regard, we have got the answer for you below.

Causes Of Cellulite:

With age, you might experience cellulite but some other major causes of this condition are as follows:

  • Fluctuation in hormones especially estrogen in females
  • Family history of developing cellulite
  • Tissue inflammation
  • Increased fatty tissues because of obesity
  • Loss of collagen
  • Poor blood circulation in legs which is a very common issue
  • Poor lymphatic drainage
  • Thinning of the outer layer of skin i.e. epidermis

Actually, it is a frustrating situation in aesthetic terms. But the good news for you is that it does not pose any health risks. Still, it is undesirable and women want to get rid of it. Gladly, it is very much treatable.  Let’s have a look at what treatment options do we have here.

Treatment Of Cellulite:

As many factors contribute to cause cellulite, treatment options also vary likewise. Some common methods adopted are:

  • Exercise
  • Healthy diet
  • Quit smoking and alcohol consumption
  • Cellulite removing Creams and lotions
  • Medical procedures (ultrasound)
  • Cosmetic procedures

When doing your research for Cellulite treatment you might come across many cosmetic surgeries one of which is liposuction. Thinking of can liposuction treat cellulite?

What Is Liposuction?

Liposuction is the widest used cosmetic procedure for the removal of excess fat from the body. This works by injecting some liquid at the target area which emulsifies the fat. This fat is then sucked out with the help of tiny tubes. This is done with a small vacuum-like a copula.

While this works like magic for weight loss it may not be much effective for cellulite. It is because when fat is removed the leftover skin will more prominently show the dimpling and folds.

Wait, people. Do not jump to conclusions so soon. Yes, simple liposuction won’t be much helpful but with tremendous advancement, in cosmetic surgery, we have got you covered. Let us introduce you to a more efficient version of liposuction named SAFElipo. All your troubles with cellulite will be resolved in a matter of hours with this painless procedure.

What Is SAFElipo?

Although liposuction has been in high demand, it always had a drawback and that was contour correction of the target area. It will effectively remove the fat but what about the loose skin that is left behind?

That skin would not let you achieve that perfect curve at your waist. Or in this case, where the excess aft can be removed from the area suffering from cellulite but the dimpling of skin will not go away.

To combat this problem a new method has been introduced, i.e. SAFElipo. It is a three-step process, in which the fat is separated and removed with care. In addition to this, the remaining fat is treated to give a smoother and even look to the target area.

How Does Safelipo Works?

SAFElipo stands for Separation, Aspiration and Fat equalization. It works on the principle of liposuction, fat shifting, and fat grafting. Let’s have a look at how is it done?


Very firstly the fat pockets are removed from the tissues. Your surgeon will use power liposuction to separate fat and emulsify it


In this step, the fat cells are removed as power-assisted liposuction uses vibrations to remove fat it is much gentle. It will not damage any surrounding blood vessels or tissues hence will leave you with less bruising and swelling. After the removal of fat pockets, a thin layer of fat is left behind.

Fat Equalization:

In absence of this thin fat layer, the skin will adhere to the muscle tissue causing contour irregularities. At the end of this procedure, your surgeon will even out this fat layer to give you a smooth natural look.

So now that you know about Safelipo, how is it helpful for cellulite?

Safelipo For Cellulite Treatment:

SAFElipo is the best option for the removal of cellulite. It is fast and will give very natural results. Over and above that, it is completely painless with very little bruising and scarring.

The excess fat from thighs will be removed using power liposuction. The remaining fat will be evenly planted so that the dimpling disappears.

Recovery & Results:

You’ll immediately see the fine results of this procedure which will continue to improve with time. Also because of power-assisted liposuction, you’ll experience less bruising which means less downtime


You can resume your daily activities within 2 weeks.

Getting a SAFElipo can be the safest option for sure. But still, you need to discuss all your concerns with your surgeon. Your surgeon will then suggest the best suitable procedure. For this purpose, choose your surgeon with great care.

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