Liposuction is the most common aesthetic procedure performed world wide. Lipo mean fat suction means sucking it out. It is now a days a very safe and standard cosmetic procedure. Person can come and go the same day or in hours. Best areas to be treated by liposuction are as follows.

Waist line 
Inner thighs
Hips waist
Bra fat 
Saddle bags
Chin and jaw line
Liposuction can be performed any part of the where it is required. Liposuction is not the procedure for weight reduction but to take out the stubborn fat which is not going away from diet or exercise. Best candidates are those who also do regular work out.  Their are too many way to perform liposuction now a days but tumescent lipo is the best and authentic which most of the plastic surgeon believe.

This procedure can be done under General Anesthesias under IV sedation or even under straight local depending upon the amount of fat and areas to be treated. Can takes from one hour till 5 hrs time. Usually it’s a day care procedure and patient can leave home the same day.
Recovery is fast until proven other wise. Like if liposuction is performed for chest in men or at chin jaw line, small belly or arm you can resume your daily routine very quick. For large areas or if at least 5 litres of fat is sucked out than rest for two three day is good. Their are certain sequel appears after liposuction which the surgeon has to share with you.

Stiffness will appear at certain area like belly hips and thighs. They will go away in weeks time.

Fluid leakage. 
Fluid leakage will happen nothing to be worry it is the just the tumescent fluid which we inject can come out from the adits or hole from where she have done liposuction. It can come til 2 or three days and the jokes can close it self.

If you have a sensitive skin you can have bruises but it will go away in weeks time.

These are the main sequence that can happen after the procedure but not to worry some but can bother you a bit.

Any one can have a trim body skinny waist and a young look after adopting this procedure. So call now????


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