Tummy Tuck In Pakistan – What To Consider Before Attending The Doctor

A few years back here in Pakistan, getting cosmetic surgery done was a taboo. It was considered as something only for actors or celebrities. In fact, they were also criticized for choosing plastic surgery as a means to enhance their beauty.
But with time and more awareness, people have now begun to see its benefits other than beauty enhancement, like medical purposes.
Things have changed, and people are readily accepting cosmetic surgery as a treatment for their physical and medical issues. Much to your surprise, a tummy tuck is now the sixth most common cosmetic surgery performed in Pakistan. Tummy tuck, as the name suggests, tucks in the excess or loose skin at the abdomen.
The skin at your belly can sag due to many factors, pregnancies being most common among them. Sudden weight loss can also leave loose skin behind. In addition to this, many of you will experience this with age. Additionally, some medical conditions, such as hernia removal, also leave behind loose skin.
Regardless of the cause, a tummy tuck is the best solution if you want to get rid of your sagging abdomen. A tight flat belly is not a dream now.
So, if you are considering to get a tummy tuck done, there are a few things you need to know before;

Things To Consider Before Going For A Tummy Tuck

Are you planning to book an appointment with a plastic surgeon for a tummy tuck? There might be a few things you should know beforehand;

How Does Tummy Tuck Work?

Very firstly, you’ll be sedated with general anesthesia. So, if you were worried about the pain, you could take a sigh of relief. Everything would be done while you are fast asleep.
Moving on, your surgeon will make incisions at the abdomen and waist. The length and depth of incisions can vary depending upon the severity of the case. The excess skin and fat will be cut. Loose muscles will be stitched together. Moreover, the remaining loose skin is pulled together and stitched.

The stitches are placed deep in the tissues so that any lose muscles are also tightened.

What Will A Tummy Tuck Do For You?

A tummy tuck gives you a flat stomach. This can be the simplest answer. More elaborate goals of this procedure can be;
• Removal and tightening of any excess skin at the abdomen area
• Providing a toned waist
• Smoothing out the skin of your belly by removing any stretch marks

Are You A Suitable Candidate For A Tummy Tuck?

Every man and woman living in Pakistan may benefit from a tummy tuck if they have loose skin at the abdomen. To know if you are a suitable candidate for this procedure, you must fulfill the following conditions;
• The skin at your abdomen area is sagging
• Your belly looks swollen due to separated muscles
• Your condition is not improving with any exercise or dieting.
• You have stretch marks

You Should Be At An Ideal Weight At The Time Of Surgery:

If you want a sculpted waist and abdomen, a tummy tuck is the best option for you. But remember that it shapes the waistline and is not a fat removal method. Thus, it is suggested that before the surgery, you achieve your ideal weight. At least six to twelve months before the surgery, you should come to ideal body weight.

Furthermore, the doctors prefer patients with 10-15 pounds from their goal weight. It is important because if you rapidly loose or gain weight after the surgery, you’ll lose the body contour again. The procedure will not seem beneficial, and you might undergo another one. How Long Is The Downtime For A Tummy Tuck?

Keep in mind that tummy tuck is a major surgical procedure and will take a few weeks to heal. Drains placed at the target area for the prevention of fluid accumulation will be removed within two to three days. The stitches are removed within a week. Also, you need to lay down and stop from any strenuous activity for 4-6 weeks. Furthermore, a tummy tuck patient not only need rest but also you should have a full-time helper with you for house chores.

The Scar For A Tummy Tuck Is Permanent:

The only disadvantage or con of this procedure can be the scar it leaves behind. Well yes, it is major surgery, and a long deep incision is made right above the pubic bone. The incision runs horizontally from hip to hip.
This scar can fade a bit with time, but it will not go away. An experienced surgeon will try to place the scar at such a place where it is easily concealed behind your pants.

Cost Of Tummy Tuck In Pakistan:

Beauty comes with a price. But you’ll be glad to know that with a lot of advancement in cosmetic surgery in Pakistan, now cosmetic surgeries are quite affordable. A tummy tuck in Pakistan will cost from one lac to two lac fifty thousand. This cost highly depends upon the area to be corrected.

A Good Surgeon Is All What You Need:

The most important thing to do when booking an appointment with your surgeon is to check with his credibility. Always choose a well-qualified and well-trained surgeon. Your surgeon should talk to you, and listen to your concerns. He should be able to understand what you want to achieve. Adding to it, he should be able to explain the procedure to you.

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