Do I Still Have To Exercise After Tummy Tuck And Liposuction?

Tummy Tuck in Karachi, Pakistan has become a ray of hope for those seeking to regain their confidence and shape after pregnancy or significant weight loss. When wondering about the transformation process, one common question arises: ‘How Much Time Does A Droopy Loose Skin Take To Reduce After A Tummy Tuck?‘ Additionally, if you’ve had a C-section and are curious about the timing, you might be pondering, ‘When Can You Have A Tummy Tuck After C Section?‘ These procedures, such as liposuction, offer a path to not only shed stubborn fat but also to tighten and tone the abdominal muscles, providing a renewed sense of excitement and self-assurance.

Thinking About The Recovery Period?

If everything goes smoothly, the patient is allowed to go home after a couple of hours of the procedure. Moreover, they are recommended to wear a tight compression garment for a few weeks.

Besides, your surgeon will also ask you to take a few days off from work and your normal activities depending upon the situation of your health. It will allow your body to heal and recover much faster. After some months, you can expect a leaner appearance of the treated area.

What About Exercise?

When it comes to exercising, you will only be allowed to go for a mild walk after the procedure. So, it is wise to prepare yourself to go for a mild walk daily for about 20 to 30 minutes depending upon your condition.

It will help in boosting your recovery process because it helps in circulation. What’s more? It also helps you achieve and then maintain your ideal weight.

Notably, your results can get compromised if you start gaining weight after the procedure. But there are some key points that you can keep in mind that will increase your chances of a faster and smoother recovery.

Listen To Your Doctor:

It is a must that you keep your surgeon up to date with your condition. You should always ask him every little detail for instance, how long should you wait before getting started? He will decide on the basis of your past medical history and the speed of your recovery.

What else? Never neglect the post-op instructions of your doctor. If you do so, it will only lengthen your recovery process.

Get Assistance For Doing Simple Tasks:

It is important that someone is there to assist you in the most common tasks such as just sitting up or down in the first 24 hours at least. You might feel unsteady but it is essential to move around a little to promote blood circulation.

You must start with light walking every day with someone’s assistance.

Light Activity And Exercises:

It will take about 2 weeks for you to resume light cardiovascular exercise. Always consult your doctor before starting any kind of activity. You can easily resume such activities which don’t engage your abdominal muscles such as walking and stationary cycling.

Avoid Abdominal Movements:

After resuming light cardiovascular exercise, make sure you are comfortable with it. After that, you can start with lightweight lifting after 3 weeks of getting the procedure done.

You must avoid powerlifting, pull-ups, sit-ups, or other exercises that might involve abdominal muscles. Adding more to this, exercises that strengthen your arms, chest, shoulders, and leg muscles are safe.

Expanding Exercise Plans:

Your doctor will give you his approval if everything goes smoothly after 5-6 weeks. Then, you can start expanding your exercise plans such as doing yoga or Pilates. Still, it is wise to avoid heavy lifting that might make you uncomfortable.

Back To Normal Routine:

You can completely resume your normal daily routine after 7-8 weeks of the procedure. Your surgeon will give you the go-ahead to gradually ease into your old exercise routine.

Throughout the period, it is a must to always listen to your body and listen to what it needs. The recovery period differs from one person to the next. Always keep a positive and patient attitude throughout the recovery phase.

Wrapping It Up:

After establishing that, you must also keep in mind to select the best doctor for the job. Nowadays, many people opt for cosmetic or plastic surgery, therefore, many clinics and hospitals have started offering such services.

If you are residing in Karachi, then you need not worry as there are many renowned clinics that are practising these procedures. The best surgeon, to get your tummy tuck surgery and Liposuction done in Karachi, Pakistan, is Dr. Arif Hussain.

He is more than well-equipped to handle a number of procedures that include Tummy Tuck as well. It is also one of his most sought out procedures and many of his patients have given very positive feedback. He is also very patient and will definitely guide you from the start till the end.

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