Corrective Rhinoplasty Case Study

Nose job is the most tedious job for a Plastic surgeon world wide. When a man or women addresses to some one face to face than the first thing to be noticed is the nose and if there is a defect than a person shows lack of confidence and embarrassment.
Rhinoplasty is the most challenging procedure.As you are dealing with a normal anatomy in a small area and slight change can give a major difference. I came across a 12 year girl who had an accident years back at her nose and cheek.In our society women are more concerned and their parents also for their daughter nose to be perfect. So that girl got stitched by some doctor not a plastic surgeon and a defect she got now was a constricted left nares and her left side nasal cartilage or a frame work was buried at her nasolabial angle. She went to different plastic surgeon and she has been told that she might be needing 3 or 4 surgeries and they will reconstruct her nose from forehead meaning giving big scar over forehead. The girl’s parent contacted me and i took the challenge.I utilizes her buried nose and rotate it and fix it in the normal position.

At the day of her first dressing i could see the happiness and the tears of joy at her mother face and that was actually my money.I want to make my point of view here that we being a plastic surgeon should always follow the ladder of reconstruction rather jumping in to more big and complicated procedure meaning Kiss ( keep it simple straight) 🙂


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