Revealing All The Details Of Latest Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is commonly known as a “boob job”. In fact, Breast augmentation surgery in Karachi, Pakistan and worldwide too has gained popularity and fame among women of all age groups.

In this procedure, the surgeon shapes and contours the breasts. This aims to give you an hourglass figure.

Gone were the days when everybody wanted to be lean and slim. Now the right curves and volume are the talk of the town.

This is so because the body tends to go through drastic changes, especially after dramatic weight changes or pregnancy. To remedy the poor body image, cosmetic surgeries play a huge role in this day and age.

Hence, breast augmentation has gained a lot of fan following around the globe.

When Do You Need Breast Augmentation?

When the symmetry of your breast doesn’t match, it affects how you start dressing. If you feel like your breasts lack that appealing look or suffer from poor body image, this is the right procedure for you.

Adding more to this, the breast augmentation in Karachi corrects the symmetry of your breasts. Moreover, it gives it the required volume and overall corrects its appearance.

Nonetheless, your consultant will eventually be the judge of the final decision. Before taking the plunge, he will ask about your health history and future plans for pregnancy etc.

Tubular Breast After Childbirth Or Breastfeeding:

Sometimes a deformity called tubular breasts develops in women. The formation of high inflammatory folds characterizes this, and large areolas, overall giving a tubular shape.

But the good news is that an experienced plastic surgeon can sculpt your breasts into a normal shape.

Types Of Breast Augmentation Techniques:

A surgeon uses two techniques to ensure you achieve your goal.

  • The most popular one is the use of breast implants. The surgeon makes an incision and inserts them inside your breast pockets.
  • The other one involves fat transfer. It is called fat transfer augmentation.

Due to recent and ongoing development in science and technology, doctors and surgeons are making great progress in this field.

Luckily, now they have developed more innovative and improved ways to lift breasts and increase their volume.

Breast Augmentation Surgery In Karachi: What Can It Not Do?

Boob Job in Karachi, Pakistan indeed increases the volume of your breasts. But if you want to improve sagging breasts as well, you need a breast lift along with it.

Opting for that will make them appear fuller and lifted. Noticeably, you can get both these done at a single time or separately. In this regard, your surgeon will guide you best.

  The Latest Techniques In The World Of Breast Augmentation:

Most of us are aware that surgeons mostly use silicone implants when performing a boob job in Karachi and across the globe.

But due to recent development, many other elements that range from stem cells to Botox are used now. Some of them are mentioned below:

Breast Augmentation By Using Stem Cells:

In this technique, the surgeon uses fat and stem cells which he can harvest from other areas of your body such as the abdomen and restores your breasts.

Besides, the liposuction technique removes them. In addition to this, the surgeon will filter and concentrate before inserting them inside the breast pockets. Actually, this technique gives a very natural look.

Notably, surgeons have been using this method for the past two years. It’s a relatively short period, but surgeons believe this technique promises excellent sustainable results.

With the development of more advances, they can ensure a great outcome.

Breast Reconstruction That Assists Weight Loss:

Obese women who got a mastectomy for medical reasons are not suitable candidates for breast augmentation. Due to this specific reason, this technique was introduced specifically for obese cancer survivors.

Actually, this breakthrough procedure allows women to lose weight while maintaining a healthy BMI. Adding more to this, the surgeon uses extra tissue in this technique, typically from the abdomen. He will reconstruct the breasts using it.

Best of all, this procedure ensures natural results. Such a procedure was nothing short of a miracle indeed.

This is so because it allows you to lose excess weight and get fuller breasts after defeating cancer. Moreover, it allows you to evolve into a healthier version of yourself.

Breast Augmentation Using Botox:

In this latest method, the surgeon makes use of an injectable Botulinum toxin, commonly known as Botox.

It may sound strange and unbelievable to some, but experts are making it happen. They have effectively introduced it in the world of breast augmentation and making quite progress.

Its benefits include:

  • Less pain after surgery
  • Less discomfort throughout the recovery period
  • Quicker outcome

What’s more? In this procedure, the surgeon inserts the implant beneath the muscle, which he injects with Botox.

Doing so partially paralyzes the muscle, so, you get fewer muscle spasms throughout the initial recovery period.

The Takeaway:

The world is advancing daily, so, new techniques and methods surface daily. Some are still yet to get approval. Regarding this, the main thing is to choose the one that suits you the best.

Your consultant will definitely guide and assist you while making this decision.

With new techniques, the recovery period has become shorter and easier. So, do your homework in order to make an informed decision.

How To Find A Good Surgeon?

Always go for a highly qualified and well-trained surgeon who can expertly do the surgery. Especially, when it’s your special day and you can afford no chance of error.

Before making an appointment for Breast augmentation surgery in Karachi, make sure you are contacting a well qualified and trained surgeon. He should listen to your requirements and assess your health condition. Then he should suggest the most suitable procedure for you. Furthermore, he should be able to communicate all possible outcomes of the procedure, risk factors, and downtime. For this, you should arrange separate sessions. Furthermore, you should have a look at the before and after pictures of previous cases.

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