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BODY CONTOURING! The icing on the cake.

Body contouring is a term we use or it is used in the field of aesthetic Surgery for balancing the ugly body parts to bring to normal.
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Aesthetic surgery is now become old and lot of patients has taken benefits to get a slimmer or younger look.  Their is a new terminology in plastic surgery which I belive is very important is Icing on the cake.


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Aesthetic procedures combining gives you better and long term effects, plus gives more satisfaction to a patient.  Mummy make over is one of the procedure which is popular in women who are married and after their child birth eager to get their body back.  You can have  your liposuction or tummy tuck done along with breast Augument or mastopixy.
A patient can have a liposuction of her thighs as well with combination of procedure.

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Coming to the face. I always ask my patients to go  with multiple procedure  if you are going for a face lift like with a short scar face lift or a vertical lift, a patient can have a fat transfer for the volume or a PRP for stem cells. Later she can come for a filler or a peel that would be in a package for sure.  In this way you can have multiple procedure in one time and that will gives you a more younger and long lasting results.

Combing the aesthetic procedure will save your time and also the money and it will be an icing on the cake.

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