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Mid night face lift is not at all a surgical face lift which is performed in midnight. It is is basically a short scar vertical face lift which gives quick results and patient can able to see her result during mid night.

A short scar face lift or a vertical lift is performed under local anesthesia and patients can leave home immediate  after the procedure. This is a new innovation in surgical face lift.

Advantage of short scar face lift.
Less scar
Less inflammation
Less operating time
Fast recovery
Neck lift with minimal incision

Procedure is simple, after consultation and examining  the level of aging on the face, surgeon has to decide his goals to achieve,

Meaning weather you need to stretch the face alone or with some volume improvement is needed as well. Vertical lift or short scar lift can be combined with different procedures like PRP or fat transfer.

Patients is brought in the OR and Draped.

Slight sedation is needed to over come the anxiety level. Diazepam or cocktail of Diazepam and Demerol is made and injected to the patient slowly IV.

Lidocaine with epinephrine is injected to the operating site at the face.
Charm of vertical short scar is, you give incision at the upper pole of the ear and hide the mid incision behind the Tragus.

We do not need to give incision behind the ears as we can pull the neck from the same incision,  and lift the playtisma( neck muscle)  muscle and plicate it.

The mid face is lifted by making small W incision at the side burn which can be hidden in the hairs. Suture the defect with monocryl or proline.

00090 BA
A chin garment is applied for 48hrs and patient is advice to move around without any dressing after that.  She can resume her work after 3 days and exercise after one week.
A fresh new and young face can be achieved by this short small incision procedure under local anesthesia and  is the beauty of emerging aesthetic procedure.

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