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GYNECOMASTIA ! Pakistan & taboos

gyno1Gynecomastia is a condition which occurs in males and a rising taboo around the world.

Keeping your figure in shape or having concern about it was always been a domain of developed world.

Third world countries were considered helpless and that they show a care free and care less attitude towards aesthetic and beauty.

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Pakistan is among those countries where their are numbers of patients or I must say people who are suffering from this condition.The best part is that they are concerned for the treatment as well.

I cater lot of Clients around the world and I tried my level best to expose the pit falls of this condition. literating the parents regarding this social taboo is utmost important.

This is the agony that a person suffering from gynecomastia  Majority of the time can’t share his problem with his near once this leads to personality disorder and lack of confidence in a person.

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Gynecomastia usually is in the younger age and is physiological. person start noticing it at the age of 16 and above. In my experience from this age till 20 year which is in the majority of  case a patient dose not discuss his condition with any one because of shyness and fear.

Parents think that it is normal because it is not showing any sigh and symptoms or even pain, but they are wrong their child is suffering from a disorder which they don’t know.

Ten out of seven patients suffer from low self esteem and confidence which I see, this ratio might be different in other countries.

I do a day care and 4hr recovery procedure. Patient can even drive home and can resume his daily work.

He just need to wear a compression garments for weeks and that can be worn with the normal clothing.I believe if this condition can be address early it can safe building up of low self esteem and lake of confidence.

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