How To Get Rid Of Puffy Nipples Or Type 1 Gynecomastia?

Did you know that puffy nipples are a form of type 1 gynecomastia? Well, men of any age can develop this condition. However, it is more prevalent in young boys aged 15-25.

Adding more to this, type 1 gynecomastia is known as true gynecomastia. This is so because it is excess development of glandular breast tissue and not just fatty accumulation as seen in false gynecomastia.

Puffy nipples are a result of disturbed male androgens, or in simpler words, male sex hormones.

In fact, the levels of testosterone and estrogen play an important role. In men where testosterone level is low, estrogen takes power and they start to develop feminine characters, enlarged breast tissue is one of them.

Causes Of Type 1 Gynecomastia:

Type 1 Gynecomastia is caused by low testosterone levels in the body. This can occur due to the following reasons:

  • Puberty
  • Estrogen left in the baby’s body by the mother
  • Drug use
  • Aging

Notably, studies show that more than 30% of men suffer from gynecomastia at some point in life. It might not be a medical concern but many people face awkward social situations due to the female-like appearance of their body.

Especially, getting puffy nipples at a young age is very humiliating for boys who would otherwise perform shirtless activities such as swimming or sunbathing on the beaches.

Moreover, young boys like wearing fitted clothing, and your male boobs can make you feel shy of your favorite tees.

So, let us help you identify the proper treatment method for your puffy nipples so that, you can enjoy the masculinity with no shame;

Treatment Of Puffy Nipples or Type 1 Gynecomastia in Karachi, Pakistan:

Following methods are recommended for the treatment of gynecomastia;

·       Healthy Diet:

Most of the time, gynecomastia will go away on its own once your raging hormones settle down to normal.

However, in order to maintain healthy levels of testosterone, the very first intervention can be choosing good food to eat.

As it is famously quoted, “You are what you eat”. Try eating healthy, reducing high sugar, salt, and fatty foods. Plus, add more veggies and fruits to your daily diet.

·       Exercise:

The next step towards a healthy lifestyle is regular exercise. Whether it is a light walk in a park or some extensive gym routine.

Adding some form of exercise will keep your body healthy and help it maintain its normal functioning. Thus it will help normalize the hormonal imbalance.

·       Hormonal Therapy:

Lifestyle changes are a therapy you can use to make your body healthier and feel good. However, it is not a treatment for the medical causes of gynecomastia.

To control your unruly hormones, you might have to see a physician or an endocrinologist.

He can recommend that you start hormonal therapy. It includes giving low doses of testosterone in the form of pills to treat the condition.

·       Breast Creams and Gels:

Some people might be attracted to the great marketing gimmicks of breast reduction creams and gels.

They are cheap and easy to use. Nevertheless, they are the least effective and might leave side effects on your body such as skin rash, infections, scars, and burns.

Moreover, they just work to remove fat and not any tissue.

·       Surgical Intervention:

We know that type 1 gynecomastia is the enlargement of the glandular tissue of breasts. This means that sometimes even regulating the hormones won’t help.

It will prevent the condition from worsening further. But the damage done might not reverse on its own.

Here, we will need some surgical intervention. Following procedures are performed for treatment of your puffy nipples;

  • Liposuction:

 If there is any fatty accumulation surrounding the breast tissue, it is removed using liposuction.

Your surgeon will inject an emulsifying liquid into the affected area which melts the fat. Next, he will pull out that fat using a small vacuum-like cannula. Further, he will make the incisions.

  • Mastectomy:

 For the removal of excess breasts, your surgeon will perform tissue mastectomy under general anesthesia.

He will make an incision at the target area, or around the areola in case of puffy nipples. Furthermore, he will cut off the excess tissue and close the wound with stitches.

  • Gynecomastia Surgery In Karachi, Pakistan:

 A combination of both procedures including liposuction and mastectomy is known as gynecomastia surgery.

Moreover, it includes skin tightening. The removal of fats and excess tissue might leave the skin loose.

Due to this, you might still have the appearance of puffy nipples even though there is no gynecomastia. In addition to this, your areola might lose shape and droop, or it might displace. Gynecomastia surgery in Karachi also includes correction of the areola.

Recovery From Gynecomastia Surgery:

Similar to any other surgery, this can give you a downtime of two weeks. You can start with your light activities after that.

Complete recovery will take 6-8 weeks after which you can see the desired results.

Now you have the worth wanting body and can resume all your fun shirtless activities and wear whatever you like without any hesitation.

How To Find A Good Surgeon?

Before making an appointment for Gynecomastia treatment in Karachi, make sure you are contacting a well qualified and trained surgeon. He should listen to your requirements and assess your health condition. Then he should suggest the most suitable procedure for you. Furthermore, he should be able to communicate all possible outcomes of the procedure, risk factors, and downtime. For this, you should arrange separate sessions. Furthermore, you should have a look at the before and after pictures of previous cases.

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