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Injectable Fillers : types , benefits , risks involved

Cosmetic surgery procedures have brought great revolutions in medical science. With this, we have been able to treat people aesthetically. We have healed people from traumas, injuries, emotional breakdowns, low self-esteem, and made them love their bodies. Most wonderfully, we have battled and won against aging.

However, it is scary for some of us to go under the knife. Sometimes we look for safer and painless options. Today I’m going to talk about one such non- invasive and simple procedure, injectable fillers.

What Are Injectable Fillers?

Injectable fillers are gel-like substances that are injected into the soft tissue under the skin to give volume. These can either be natural or synthetically prepared in the lab.  Defying wrinkles and fine lines, plumping your cheeks, and lips all can be done with injectable fillers. Moreover, it restores skin firmness and smooths out any folds and creases. In addition to this, injectable fillers are highly being used for the treatment of birthmarks in Pakistan.

 It is just that many types of fillers are there, and every filler serves a different purpose. So you must choose the one that is most suitable for you. Furthermore, it should be approved by the FDA and any original brand available.

Before you choose, you should know the types available.

Types Of Injectable Fillers:

Types of fillers vary with the material used as fillers. Some FDA approved, and safe materials for fillers are:

  1. Hyaluronic Acid Fillers:

Hyaluronic acid is a soft gel-like substance naturally present in our skin. Your skin stays plump and hydrated because of its presence. So obviously, if its level decreases in the skin, your skin will become dull and dry and begin to age.

Thus, to normalize the levels, you can get it injected. Its results last from 6 to 12 months.

FDA approved brands of HA fillers are:

  • Juvéderm products
  • Restylane products
  • Belotero Balance
  1. Autologous Fillers:

Autologous fillers, as the name suggests, come from our own body. They can be of two types:

Plasma Fillers:

 Platelet-rich plasma initiates natural healing in the body. So it is used as a filler to heal skin folds and wrinkles naturally. Blood will be drawn from your body and centrifuged to separate platelet-rich plasma. Then this plasma will be injected into parts that need treatment.

Fat Fillers:

 Similarly, fat cells are drawn out of your body parts where they are not needed, like waist, buttocks, or arms. This is done through liposuction. This fat is purified and injected into areas where it is required.

  1. Calcium Hydroxylapatite (CaHA):

 CaHA is another naturally present material. It is found in our bones. This granular substance is mixed in a gel base to soften and then injected it.

It is firmer than HA fillers, thus cover deep wrinkles and creases. Moreover, it lasts longer than 12 mothers. In addition to this, it also promotes the natural production of collagen.

The FDA recommended brand for CaHA fillers is Radiesse.

  1. Poly-L-Lactic Acid:

 Have you ever got injured so bad that you needed stitches? If yes, did they just dissolve on their own, and you got new skin there? Well, those dissolvable stitches are made up of Poly-L-Lactic ACid.

It is a biocompatible and biodegradable material. Which means it dissolves two-three days after being injected in the skin. But what it does is, it stimulates natural regrowth of collagen. Its result can last up to 2 years.

The FDA Approved brand for this is Sculptra.

  1. Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA):

 PMMA are synthetically prepared tiny balls or “microspheres.”  This a biocompatible compound that is inserted beneath the skin with great precision. The best part about it is that it remains there almost permanently.

The FDA approved brand for PMMA is Bellafill.

Other than being safe and painless injectable fillers have some more benefits to them. Let’s have a look.

Benefits Of Injectable Fillers:

Some advantages of getting injectable fillers are:

  • Treatment Of Wrinkles, Fine Lines, And Skin Folds:

Injectable fillers are most commonly used for treating signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines, and skin creases. Moreover, it adds volume to lips and cheeks and under eyes.

HA and CaHA fillers are most suitable for this.

  • Treatment Of Acne Scars:

 Acne scars can be filled and bring in alignment with skin level with fillers. PMMA is most suitable for this.

  • Treatment Of Birthmarks:

 Treatment of birthmarks in Pakistan is in high demand. Some birthmarks can be so large and visible that they can affect your whole personality. Autologous plasma fillers are used for birthmark treatment in Pakistan.

  • Treatment Of Hemangioma:

Hemangioma is a rare kind of birth condition, also known as grapevine birthmark. This not only appears on the skin but also on internal organs. For the treatment of hemangioma in Pakistan, laser surgery and autologous fillers are mostly being used. Plasma filler heals the skin, and fat fillers fill up the hollow space created by this birth defect.

Hemangioma is non-cancerous, but to get the best treatment of hemangioma in Pakistan, you must choose a well-experienced doctor.

With all good things come some risks too. Injectable fillers might have some cons, but they are highly manageable if you choose the best suitable filler for yourself.

Risks Of Getting Injectable Fillers:

Some adverse effects you can suffer because of choosing a wrong filler are:

  • Redness, swelling, bruising, or numbness of the treated area.
  • Filler leakage or infections
  • Many of you can be allergic to the filler material
  • Sometimes blood vessels can get damaged if the procedure is not performed by an expert resulting in no blood supply to the filler, making it a dead mass. This can they show as nodules under the skin.

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