"> Mommy Makeover, Risks, Recovery And Benefits Involved

Mommy Makeover, Risks, Recovery And Benefits Involved

You might have spent your days working hard for a desirable body. You have maintained it well and nourished it with a good diet and proper exercise. But it is nature’s design that women have to undergo many bodily changes throughout their lives.  One of these changes, and actually the most amazing one, is childbirth.

During pregnancy gaining weight is crucial for a healthy child. However, reducing it afterward can be a tedious task. Moreover, stretch marks, loose sagging skin, and mis-shapen belly buttons are some after-effects of pregnancy. In addition to this, if you are breastfeeding, your breasts might sag too.

Going through all the labor of pregnancy, childbirth, and caring for an infant is already cumbersome. In such a situation, if you lose self-confidence because you don’t feel good about yourself, you might push yourself into depression. Getting back in shape will require a lot of hard work, and still, you might not achieve desired results.

Don’t worry. I can take away all your mommy blues with an ultimate and fast solution. All you need is a mommy makeover in Pakistan. Mommy makeover in Pakistan is getting immensely popular among young women.

What Is A Mommy Makeover?

Mommy makeover in Pakistan is a combination of surgeries required to correct all the deformities you underwent because of pregnancy. The main three areas it targets are:

1.    Breasts

The surgeries done for breast correction are:

  • Breast augmentation
  • Breast lift
  • Breast reduction

2.    Abdomen:

To correct the weight gain and loose skin at the abdomen, the following procedures are used:

  • Liposuction
  • Female Tummy tuck after pregnancy

3.    Any other part with excess fat accumulation (arms, legs, back)

To remove stubborn fat from the rest of the body, liposuction is used.

The exact pattern of surgery is individualized for every patient. What areas you want to get treated, and how much is completely your choice. The important thing is that you communicate all your requirements to your surgeon, and he makes decisions accordingly.

Let me give you a detailed insight into each procedure so that you can understand what combination you require.

Breast Augmentation:

Have your breasts lost their shape and size after you finished breastfeeding? It can be very sad to lose your feminine appeal soon after giving birth. So, if you want to have firm perky breasts like before pregnancy you can easily get it with implants. A variety of implants are available to provide you with the most desirable results.

Silicone Implants:

They are softer and natural-like. They are long-lasting.

Saline Implants:

Saline implants require small incisions, and their volume is adjustable. They are best to correct the misshapen and imbalance in the breast size.

Gummy Bear Implants:

They are best if you want more firmness. Moreover, they are rounded at the bottom and taper at the top, which mimics the shape of a natural breast.

You need to choose the one which suits you best. While going for this surgery, you do not need to think of any consequences. With much advancement in cosmetic surgery, you need not worry about any leakage of the implant. Moreover, Implants are placed behind the glandular tissue so they won’t affect milk production and breastfeeding?

In addition to this, no implants have ever shown to increase any cancer risks. It can sometimes make mammography difficult, so it can delay diagnosis but is not its cause.

Breast Reduction:

You want to increase your breast size, you put in implants. But what if you want to decrease them in size? Well, yes, pregnancy and lactation can leave your breasts larger than before. Along with being aesthetically improper, they can become uncomfortable for you too.

In such a case, you’ll need breast reduction surgery. The surgery involves removing excess fat through liposuction and cutting off extra skin and tissue to resize the breast.

Breast Lift After Pregnancy:

Breast lift after pregnancy is a solution to the sagging shape of your breasts. Yes, soon after you are done breastfeeding, you’ll see your breasts are drooping.

Your surgeon will make small incisions along the breast crease or around the areola. Both are areas where the scar can be best concealed. For breast lift after pregnancy, your skin will be pulled, and breasts and nipples given appropriate shape. Further, the stitches are applied deep in the tissue for long-lasting results.


So, ladies here we have the good old liposuction. Even if you have started some extensive diet and exercise routine post-delivery, there would be some stubborn fat pockets that need special treatment. To remove this fat, liposuction technique is used.

Liposuction for a mommy makeover can target the abdomen, legs, arms, waist, hips, and chest. Your surgeon will make small incisions on the target area and liquify the fat. Next, he will insert a small vacuum-like cannula and suck out all the unwanted fat.

Tummy Tuck:

Female tummy tuck after pregnancy is the most sought-after procedure. The reason is the loose abdominal skin left after delivery. For this, your surgeon will make an incision along the bikini line. Next, he’ll tightly pull the skin, cut off any excess skin, and stitch it.

The Best Candidate For A Mommy Makeover In Pakistan: 

You are the most suitable candidate if you are healthy, non-smoker, and finished having kids. All this is important because if you are getting a makeover and you plan another child, your body will again undergo similar changes.

Benefits Of Mommy Makeover:

Some of the benefits it offers are:

  • A complete transformation after pregnancy
  • Increased self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Make you feel comfortable in your body


Some risks are involved in every surgery. The risks in a mommy makeover can increase with the number of procedures done. You should choose a well-trained surgeon to avoid any complications.

Cost Of Mommy Makeover In Pakistan:

Cost depends upon the number of surgeries you go through and the area of the body you cover.

About Us:

Are you looking to get your mommy makeover done correctly? Want to have a great looking, contoured, and firm breast after undergoing pregnancy? Let Dr. Arif Hussain do this who goes the extra mile to satisfy every single patient of him fully.

He will not disappoint you after having years of experience in cosmetic surgery and after performing hundreds of successful mommy makeovers.

He makes use of cutting-edge technology as well as up-to-the-minute surgery tools, in particular, the power X machine. This is how he gets in the bag maximum client satisfaction.

So, let your dream of having perky and desirable breasts come true by coming in contact with us today. Get to know about our client’s feedback for a better idea.

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