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Trends of cosmetic procedure in younger generation!!

What younger generation is seeking in cosmetic surgery in Pakistan is now an important debate in cosmetic industry. More and more teens and young adults are visiting Aesthetic surgeons for procedures.
Most common procedure like Liposuction, Fat Transfer, Fillers Vaginoplasty and Hair Transplant.


In west young patients are commonly visiting for vaginoplasty and Fillers. In our part of the world  they come for Liposuction in Pakistan and Fat Transfer. Their is no harm in operating on teens but care should be taken that what patient is asking for should be appropriate for her or him. What I believe that after 17 any body can seek cosmetic procedure if it is needed. Surgeries like liposuction, Nose job, Breast surgeries fat transfer can easily be conducted.


In Pakistan we cater many patient for cosmetic nose job in their teens followed by liposuction. Trends for cosmetic procedure in teens is rising in the world and care should be taken by surgeon not to over do in make overs.

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