Double Chin Surgery: What To Expect ?

Have you always been asked to sit in the right posture else you’ll get a double chin? So, what actually is this double chin? A double chin is also known as submental fullness, which is an accumulation of skin and fat just below your chin. This appears like you have grown another chin making it a double chin.

You can develop a double chin because of many factors. Some most common being; excess weight, inappropriate posture, aging, genes, etc. If you have one, you are among 68 percent of people around the globe who develop this condition at some point in life.

You might feel embarrassed about it and avoid social gatherings so that nobody bullies or shames you. Worry no more; you can get rid of it very easily and permanently in today’s time. Cosmetic surgery has evolved so brilliantly to resolve all your bodily issues.

So, are you thinking about what options you have to get rid of a double chin? Let me answer this in detail;

Double Chin Surgery:

For correcting a double chin, two common surgical procedures used are as follows;

Chin Liposuction:

If your double skin is due to excess fat accumulation in that area, you can get it removed with simple liposuction. That is, all excess fat will be sucked out of your chin through small incisions. It is quite a non-invasive procedure.

Neck Lift:

However, liposuction won’t have any effect on the surrounding skin. So if you have sagging skin in that area, it is better to get a neck lift. Here any excess skin will be tightly pulled and stitched. Also, some excess skin can be cut off.

Moreover, you can get a combination of both also done. In a combination surgery, you get all excess fat removed with liposuction. The loose skin left afterward can be cut off, pulled and lifted. It is better to discuss your requirements with your surgeon.


For chin liposuction you’ll undergo the following routine;

  • Your surgeon will put markings on your chin and neck where incisions are to be made.
  • Then, professional anesthesia will apply local anesthesia.
  • Next, your surgeon will make incisions at the points where the fat is to be sucked.
  • Following this, an emulsifying liquid is injected in the chin to liquify the fat.
  • A small cannula will then suck this liquid fat
  • A chin supporting bandage is applied after stitching the incisions.

On the other hand, a neck lift can be a little more invasive and require more time and care. It is performed in the following steps;

  • Your surgeon will perform a neck lift under general anesthesia.
  • The incisions for a neck lift stretch from the hairline toward the back of the ears
  • Then the excess fat is removed, and extra skin is cut off.
  • Rest of the loose skin is pulled and tightly stitched to give your neck a more toned appearance

The Target Area Of A Double Chin Surgery:

AS the name suggests, double chin surgery is meant for the chin. It may extend to the neck and jawline. The main purpose of getting this surgery done is the removal of excess fat and wrinkles in this area. Moreover, it is done to achieve a prominent jawline.


If you are going for chin liposuction, because it is less invasive, you’ll have a downtime of a few days to a week. While for the neck lift, you should rest for at least two weeks.

You might experience some pain, soreness, and swelling in the operated area. Moreover, your neck and face will feel stiff for a while.

Furthermore, your surgeon will attach drain tubes to the scars. They will prevent any blood or fluid accumulation. You have to be careful about them and empty them on time. They will be removed after a day or two.

In addition to this, you need to protect yourself from the sun and wind. Also, any vigorous activity is forbidden for at least four to six weeks. During this period, your doctor might recommend you some antibiotics to prevent infections and painkillers to reduce pain.


You’ll be glad to know that you get rid of the double chin permanently once you get chin liposuction done. This is because the fat cells are removed completely.

However, the results of a neck lift surgery require some care and lifestyle changes to last for a long time. Also, it depends upon your age and the quality of the skin.

Cost Of A Double Chin Surgery In Pakistan:

So, the good news here is that a double chin surgery won’t cost you a fortune as it is a less invasive procedure. In addition to this, some factors that determine its cost are:

  • Whether you opt for chin liposuction or a neck lift
  • Cost of operation setup
  • Medicine cost
  • Surgeon and anesthetist fee

It will ideally cost you around Rs. 60000 – 80000.

Choosing A Good Surgeon:

If you have decided to get a double chin surgery done, it is very important to consider a credible surgeon. You don’t want some untrained person performing surgery on the most important part of you that is your face. It can be highly risky. Thus, it is important that your surgeon is certified, well trained and have some good experience.

For this, you can ask for before and after pictures of clients. Moreover, he should be communicable enough that you can discuss all your requirements and concerns related to the procedure.

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